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2020 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Thrill Seeker in Your Life


(Prices are accurate as of November 24th, 2020. Please always refer to the product page for the most up-to-date pricing as our prices do change occasionally.)

Not sure what to get the powersport lover in your life? Black Widow has accessories that will make transporting, loading, storing and maintaining their favorite powersport vehicle that much easier! Whether you’re on a budget or going big this year, Black Widow has something for everyone.

Enjoy our top 3 picks in each vehicle category!

Dirt Bike Enthusiast

Black Widow Transport Chock
for 5.5”W Tires


This chock has a simple design to keep dirt bikes in place during transport, and comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and all the mounting hardware for quick installation. It’s a quick, affordable way to secure the front tire in your truck bed or trailer before tying the bike down with straps and hitting the road.

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Black Widow 6’ 4” Dirt Bike
Loading Ramp


With the included safety strap, this ramp is quick to set up, use, and stow away with minimal hassle. The punch plate adds grip and lets mud and dirt fall through. The aluminum design only weighs 6 pounds, yet it easily holds up to 400 pounds of bike.

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Black Widow
Dirt Bike Carrier


This best-selling aluminum carrier is lightweight and supports dirt bikes up to 400 pounds – adult or youth. When space in your vehicle is limited, a hitch-mounted carrier is the way to go. Forget about hooking up a trailer or trying to remove the wheels to make it fit in your trunk or cabin. This dirt bike carrier comes with a ramp that works on either side, and attaches easily to a 2” hitch.

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Black Widow
Front/Rear Motorcycle Jack


Small yet mighty, this jack lifts either the front or rear of motorcycles up to 1,100 pounds for easier access to one wheel for service or repair. It has rubber padding where it meets the body of the bike, and it’s a great little addition to any tinkerer’s workshop or garage.

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Black Widow
7.5’ Loading Ramp


This loading ramp has several amazing features that make it the perfect versatile Christmas gift. It folds in half for easy storage, and is arched at the top for that extra little bit of clearance. The serrated rungs provide more grip than smooth rungs, and it’s manufactured of aluminum instead of steel to be lightweight and more resistant to corrosion. It’s rated for 750 pounds.

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Black Widow
Cruiser and Chopper Dolly


Long enough for most rides, this dolly has lever-action ramps on both sides for secure entry and exit. Once your motorcycle is on the dolly, flip the ramps up to engage the casters and easily move the dolly around your garage or shop. The kickstand holder is also on wheels so the bike stays as stable as possible.

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Black Widow
Saddle Bag


This affordable saddle bag fits over the gas cap on most ATVs and has zippered pouches as well as a drawstring pouch for quick access items. Snacks, phones, emergency supplies and other items will be within arm’s reach at all times.

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Black Widow
Dual Runner Trailer ATV Ramps


Loading four-wheelers is much safer and easier with the appropriate ramp. These trailer ramps come with safety straps to prevent kick-outs, and have a steel mesh surface that allows mud, dirt and debris to fall through during the loading process. They support ATVs up to 1,600 pounds.

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Black Widow
Steel Mesh ATV Front Rack Basket


Hunting, farm work, camping? This front rack basket has ample space to hold your gear, supplies or equipment. It attaches easily to most ATVs and is low profile enough that it won’t hamper line of sight.

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Black Ice
Medium Snowmobile Cover


Perfect for off-season storage or transportation, this medium-sized snowmobile cover fits sleds from 110” to 115” long and has an elastic hem for a snug fit. Six straps with quick release buckles keep the cover firmly in place to protect it from dust and weather.

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Black Ice
Heavy-Duty Snowmobile Track Stand and Lift


This snowmobile stand uses easy lever action to raise up the front or back of your snowmobile for off-season storage or regular maintenance. It comes with two types of lift hooks and has six height adjustments to accommodate most snowmobiles. Once the sled is lifted, the stand locks in position for safety.

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Black Ice
Snowmobile Dolly


Simple leverage action and an extremely compact profile make this snowmobile dolly a must-have for maintenance, repairs or moving it around your garage. Suitable for sleds up to 1,500 pounds, the 35 pounds of powder-coated steel is easy to get into position for one person operation.

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