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Snowmobile Carts & Dollies

Less pain, more gain. Smoothly move your snowmobile around the garage for storage or maintenance without breaking a sweat on Black Widow's specially-designed dolly casters or a full dolly. Using a dolly ensures you don't have to start up your snowmobile to move it, or strain trying to move it while it's stationary. The built-in rubber pads keep your sled protected from scratches, and thick wheels mean easy maneuverability so that you can open up some space in your garage or storage area.

Getting the most out of your snowmobile dolly

  • Place a ski dolly under each ski and ride up to 5mph on grass, dirt, pavement
  • Use ski and track dollies to move your sled around your garage or shop
  • Load snowmobiles into low trailers without riding them in