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Snowmobile Ramps

From putting sleds in your truck bed to hauling them out, Black Widow snowmobile ramps are safe, sound and secure so that you're always in control. Built from high-strength, lightweight aluminum, these ramps make loading your sled into your truck an easy experience. Got a snowmobile with studs? We've got stud protectors. Need extra length? We've got an extension. Outer ski guides work with any type of carbide, and our ramps are rated for 1,500 pounds of snowmobile and rider.

Selecting the right snowmobile ramp:

  • Studs or no studs? Rubber stud protector strips prevent damage to ramp rungs from metal snowmobile studs
  • Loading on ice or ground with little traction? A ramp extension will help the track grip the rungs better at the start of the loading process
  • What's the total weight of sled plus rider? Our snowmobile ramps are rated to 1,500 pounds total