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Truck & Trailer Motorcycle Loading Ramps

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Ramp for the Job

Cruiser? Trail bike? Chopper? How do you know which loading ramp will be best for your ride?

  • Weight capacity: Know your bikes wet weight, and make sure your ramp can support more than that.
  • Truck or trailer loading: Ramps for trailers tend to be shorter since trailers are lower to the ground.
  • Wheel it up or ride it up? Larger bikes can be carefully ridden up a full-width ramp; smaller bikes can make do with being wheeled up narrower ramps like single runners.

When you need to transport your motorcycle, the right loading ramp is critical. Whether you have a smaller sport bike or a large cruiser, Black Widow has the perfect ramp to take care of your ride! We’ve crafted a versatile assortment for any bike and any budget - from single runners to full-width loading ramps, for loading into trucks or trailers and with different traction types and folding features. We know how valuable your motorcycle is, and transporting it should be safe and easy. Load up your bike, get where you need to go and get riding!