Black Ice Heavy-Duty Snowmobile Track Stand and Lift

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Item# SNO-1512

Raise your snowmobile from the front or rear for maintenance or storage using this heavy-duty snowmobile track stand and lift. Whether you’re getting ready to load it and hit the road or need to chock it for maintenance, it’s an effortless process that’ll keep your sled (and you) safe.

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600 lbs.
14.75 lbs.

Using this jack is easy—slide it under your snowmobile, adjust the height and pump the lift arm. When you reach the desired height, lock the lift in place. It features six adjustable lifting height settings and is capable of supporting 600 lbs., with two different lifting hooks included to accommodate most sleds.

The almost-square base (23" x 21") prevents tipping hazards. Manufactured from durable, powder-coated steel, this snowmobile track stand and lift is at-home in any garage. Assembly required.

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