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Dirt Bike & Motocross Loading Ramps

Truck & Trailer Ramps for Dirt Bikes

Spend your time and energy tearing up the track, not trying to lift your bike into your truck! A Black Widow dirt bike ramp is a simple solution for safe, easy loading and unloading. With options for all budgets, there’s no excuse for not keeping your bike, truck and most importantly you safe. Choose from single runners, full-width ramps, different traction types, arched and folding options - then load up your bike and get riding!

Can I Ride Up a Single Runner?

Heck no! The second your bike loses balance on the ramp, so will you. Your feet will hit nothing but air. If riding up is your thing, look into full-width ramps that offer plenty of foot place. Otherwise, roll up your sleeves and put your back into pushing that dirt bike up and into your truck or trailer.