12' Heavy-Duty Folding Arched Motorcycle Ramp

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Item# BW-14440-HD

Loading into a lifted pickup bed or onto a truck? Protect your bike against bottoming out and get it loaded smoothly with a controlled drive-up. This durable aluminum ramp offers the best in safety, stability and convenience, so you can easily load your bike for cross-country travel.

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124 lbs.
1,500 lbs.

For motorcycles ONLY; All three ramp sections MUST be secured together

Serrated rungs feature 3" spacing for maximum traction, with an arched ramp design that prevents bottoming out for lowered bikes. Full-span lip ensures ideal weight distribution on your tailgate; tapered ramp foot provides a smooth approach.

Comprised of a 17" wide center ramp and two 12" wide side ramps, the 40" wide platform folds in half or breaks down further into six pieces for convenient storage and transport. Includes three safety straps and eight c-beam brackets, for even more stability.

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