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Premium Extra-Long Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Table

Premium Extra-Long Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Table

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American-made from heavy gauge steel and thick powdercoat with a traction loading ramp, this longer version of our Pro motorcycle lift table raises extra high and is chock-full of features for working on your bike.


American-made with heavy-gauge steel and textured powder-coat ramp

Made in the USA, this table is a product of American labor and American quality. The textured powder-coated ramp is thickly gritted for excellent tire grip as bikes are loaded on and off the table.

A full 39" of lift height for better access to underbody and chassis

Coming in just under bar height, the table lifts all the way up to 39” to bring the bike to your level. Better access to all areas means less cramped working conditions and better visibility as you tune and wrench away.

Pneumatic foot-pedal operation with included air hose

Powered by compressed air, all you have to do is hook up the air compressor of your choice (minimum 100-110 psi) to enjoy smooth operation. The foot pedal allows you to work without bending over or greasy-fingering a remote or switch.

Multiple features for easier use: Hardware holders, rear drop-out, wheel vise

Including all of the mod cons, this table comes with a rear drop-out panel for access to your rear wheel and wheel well, as well as front wheel chock or vise that grips front tires securely while the bike is on the table. Two removable hardware holders, one on either side, keep small parts and tools readily available.

Seven locking positions for safety

Because your safety is paramount, this table locks at seven different height positions and features a safety release latch to release when you’re ready to move the table up or down.

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Made in the USA
1,200 lbs.
460 lbs.
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This Pro lift table uses 100-110 psi of pneumatic compressed air (air hose included) to raise bikes up to 1,200 lbs. from 7.5” to 39” H with seven locking height adjustments. Reposition it with greater ease thanks to the two front casters.

Thick traction powdercoat on the ramp grips tires while loading bikes onto the table. The drop-out service panel gives you better access to rear tires, while the wheel vise keeps front tires in place. Keep it lubricated over time by using the convenient oil port.

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