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Air/Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table (Wide)

Air/Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table (Wide)

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If you’re hitting the road on a bike that’s bigger, badder and bolder than most, you need a lift table that’ll support it when the time for maintenance comes. This massive hydraulic motorcycle lift table offers the strength, support and safety you need to hoist any bike up to 1,500 lbs.


Built-in adjustable wheel clamp vise, wheel stop and tie-down points secure bike to table

A front wheel stop prevents the front tire from overshooting the end of the platform. The adjustable wheel clamp/vise has a crank handle with a large knob for better grip. Two eyelets on either side of the table allow you to secure tie-down straps so the bike stays put.

Smooth air-over-hydraulic lift height controlled with foot pedal

This lift requires a minimum of 90 psi of compressed air to operate, and raises from 6.75 to 33.5 inches. Air compressors are not included with the table. The fully stationary base has two front levelers to ensure an even work surface.

Ground-level safety locks operate automatically and release manually

For safety while the table is in use, a series of safety locks engage as the table lifts to prevent severe injury and damage.

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1,500 lbs.
440 lbs.
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The platform sports a lift range from 6.75" to 33.5", controlled by a 90-psi foot pedal. Several safety locks and adjustable supports allow you to fix it in place at the proper servicing height. Rear drop-out panel also offers easy access to wheels.

Made of durable, powder-coated steel and a diamond plate surface, it’s ideal for hassle-free maintenance and routine oil changes. Includes a 24" L loading ramp and a built-in front wheel clamp.

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