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Recapping Loretta Lynn 2021


The 2021 Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn ranch in Hurricane Mill, TN, is wrapped up for another year.


First held in 1982, this amateur event was created by race promoter Dave Coombs as a way for riders to test their mettle without a home track advantage (i.e. evening out the playing field) and enjoy a week of family-oriented fun on the gorgeous property owned by country music singer Loretta Lynn and her husband.

Held every year in August, the six-day event is held for the top 42 riders in each class by invitation-only based on a series of qualifying local and regional riding events earlier in the year. The track is constructed from scratch every year, and camping spots are available for qualified racers and their immediate families.

Official Loretta Lynn Ranch website

2021 Notable Award Winners

Nicky Hayden Amateur Horizon Award: Levi Kitchen (Yamaha)

Levi Kitchen (Yamaha)
Photo by Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship

Awarded to the amateur with the most promising professional career, 20-year old Kitchen actually signed with the Star Racing team in December 2020, and made his pro debut shortly before Loretta Lynn. The new AMA rules have stipulations that allow riders to compete in the Pro Motocross and Supercross series and stay eligible for the 250 Pro Sport and Open Pro Sport classes at Loretta’s, which was good news for Kitchen this year!

Since Loretta’s, he has continued to compete professionally with Star Racing on his Yamaha YZ250F.

Amateur Motocross Rider of the Year: Nick Romano (Yamaha)

Nick Romano (Yamaha)
Photo by Racer X

Youth Motocross Rider of the Year: Drew Adams (Kawasaki)

Drew Adams (Yamaha)
Photo by Racer X

The 13-year old rider is currently on Monster EnergyR Kawasaki Team GreenTM and rides a KXtm85 and KXtm100.

Class Champions

  • 250 C Limited: Nico Long (KTM)
  • 250 C Jr. (12-17) Ltd: Gabe Holland (KTM)
  • 450 B Ltd: Julien Beaumer (Husqvarna)
  • 450 C: Brennan Schofield (Yamaha)
  • College (18-24): Justin Cokinos (GasGas)
  • Women: Sophia Phelps (Kawasaki)
  • 65cc (7-9): Elliott Bowsher (GasGas)
  • 65cc (10-11): Vincent Wey (Husqvarna)
  • 85cc (10-12): Drew Adams (Kawasaki)
  • Supermini 2 (13-16): Krystian Janik (Kawasaki)
  • Girls (11-16): Kyleigh Stallings (Husqvarna)
  • 250 B Ltd: Matti Jorgensen Jr. (KTM)
  • 250 C: Brandon Bollino (Yamaha)
  • 450 B: Chase Prince (Honda)
  • 125 C: Keegan Rowley (KTM)
  • Junior (25+): Heath Harrison (Honda)
  • Vet (30+): Broc Peterson (Honda)
  • Senior (40+): Edward Walston (KTM)
  • Mini-E (4-6): Jr. Talon Hinson (KTM)
  • 51cc (4-6) Shaft Ltd: Carter Schutte (Yamaha)
  • 51cc (4-6) Ltd: Kannon Zabojnik (Cobra)
  • 51cc (7-8) Ltd: Sawyer Gieck (Cobra)
  • 65cc (7-9) Ltd: Tayce Morgan (GasGas)
  • 65cc (10-11) Ltd: Carson Wood (GasGas)
  • 85cc (10-12) Ltd: Caden Dudney (KTM)
  • Mini Sr. 1 (12-14): Drew Adams (Kawasaki)
  • Mini Sr. 2 (13-15): Thomas Wood (KTM)
  • Senior (45+): Mike Brown (Husqvarna)
  • Supermini 1 (12-15): Haiden Deegan (KTM)
  • Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C: Caden Braswell (KTM)
  • Schlboy 1 (12-17) B/C: Evan Ferry (Husqvarna)
  • 250 B: Nick Romano (Yamaha)
  • Open Pro Sport: Levi Kitchen (Yamaha)
  • 250 Pro Sport: Levi Kitchen (Yamaha)

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