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How to Lift an ATV the Right Way


Need to do some work on your ATV? If you’re getting ready to perform anything other than routine maintenance on an ATV, you’ll need to lift it. There are several methods of lifting an ATV, including using blocks or a jack. But there is one way that stands out as the safest and most efficient—using a lift table. A lift table is specially designed to jack up an ATV, allowing you to safely jack the ATV up for maintenance. Read on to learn exactly how you can lift an ATV the right way.

Safety considerations

If you’re searching for do-it-yourself tips on how to lift an ATV, you’ll likely come across a lot of bad information on the Internet. Keep in mind that ATVs weigh hundreds of pounds, and you can do some serious damage if something goes wrong when lifting it.

The most important safety consideration to remember is that you should secure your ATV at more than one place. Whether that means putting cinder blocks below the tires or using multiple jacks on the frame, remember that these options don’t guarantee complete stability. ATVs can slip from the blocks, or the jacks can fail. Make sure to give your ATV a little shake before performing maintenance work and find another way to secure it if it’s looking a little wobbly.

Utility ATV with broken axle being worked on in garage with jack

Using a jack

Lifting your ATV using a jack is an easy and secure way to get your vehicle off the ground for maintenance. If you’re looking to invest in a jack that can get the job done, every time, the ATV Air-Over-Hydraulic Jack is a safe bet. It doubles as a motorcycle lift, making it even easier to maintain multiple toys with one piece of equipment.

 Red sports ATV on Black Widow air-over-hydraulic lift jack

Once you have the best ATV jack for your vehicle, place it on level, sturdy ground—a place in your garage or driveway is ideal. Using specific ATV lift points (which differ based on your model of ATV) you can place the jack in the right spot. When the release valve is closed, pump the handle to raise the jack. Once lifted, make sure the ATV is secure before performing any work.

Sports ATV on Black Widow ProLift lift table inside garage
Utility ATV on Black Widow lift table
Left: Black Widow ProLift ATV Lift Table; right: Black Widow ATV Lift Table

Using a lift table

If you’re serious about taking care of your ATV, a lift table is the best investment you can make. Not only does it make maintenance easier, but it also makes it safer. Black Widow Pro has a large selection of lift tables to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a quality lift that allows you to work on the engine, change the oil, adjust the shocks or anything else, you’ll find the table you’re looking for with all the features you need to make quick work out of any maintenance task.

Once you’ve found the right lift table for your needs, place it in a suitable area with a stable, level surface (preferably concrete). Loading your ATV on the table is as easy as wheeling it up the leading plate and onto the platform. Then, use tie-downs to strap it securely in place. Pump the lift foot pedal to raise the lift and, once the vehicle is at the appropriate height, engage the locking plate to hold the ATV in place for the duration of your maintenance.

Man riding up ATV stand on utility ATV
The Black Widow ATV Stand with Ramps gets up the highest lift without moving components

Using an ATV stand

Not comfortable using a lift table? Some ATV owners just don’t want to deal with the thought of relying on hydraulic or compressed air operation. There’s an even more solid—and more cost-effective—option on the market: an ATV Stand. This stand comes with raps and stops, making it easy for you to get your ATV up off the ground without the need of a scissor lift. All you have to do is wheel your ATV up the loading ramps, secure it in place and you’re ready to work.

ATV up on a Black Widow jack
Black Widow's ATV Jack lifts ATVs up to 1,500 lbs.

Get the gear you need to lift your ATV at Black Widow Pro

Keeping up with maintenance on an ATV is a true labor of love, but you need to put safety first above all else. By investing in high-quality ATV lifting products like jacks, lift tables or ATV stands, you can get your vehicle off the ground for worry-free, safe maintenance.

Need help selecting the right products for your specific ATV or your needs? Reach out to us with questions! We’re here to help.

If you have any ideas or tips of your own about lifting an ATV, be sure to share them in the comments!

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