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How to Transport Two ATVs With Black Widow's ATV Truck Bed Carrier and Rack System

Black Widow ATV Carrier and Rack System

Need to transport two quads from point A to point B? Whether you’re going out for a ride or you’re taking your ATVs to your trusted mechanic, there’s a right way to load these vehicles into a truck if you don’t have access to or don’t want to deal with the hassle of a trailer. Hauling two ATVs at once is easy if you have a sufficiently sized pickup truck bed and Black Widow Pro’s ATV Carrier and Rack System. Here’s a brief overview of the process of loading two ATVs into a truck bed.

Advantages of the Black Widow ATV Carrier and Rack System

If you’re hauling two ATVs with your pickup and you don’t have a trailer, you need a sturdy ATV carrier and rack system. Once assembled, it mounts directly into your truck bed with one of three options:

  • Temporary without drilling: If you have pre-existing cargo tie-downs, secure the tie-down turn buckles to them.
  • Temporary with drilling: If you don’t have pre-existing cargo tie-downs, drilling is required to install them before securing the tie-down turn buckles.
  • Permanent with drilling: Drill into the front and back bottom braces of the carrier and secure it directly to the truck bed.
  • The included extra-long ramps hook right into the rack for maximum stability and safety while loading, and store directly beneath the carrier platform during transport or storage. A pin and clamp lock the ramps in their bracket to keep them secure.

    Black Widow HAUL-ALL-R ATV Carrier installed in truck bed
    Black Widow HAUL-ALL-R ATV Carrier installed in truck bed

    A built-in headache rack prevents any damage from occurring to your truck cab during loading, unloading and transport. Multiple tie-down points give you plenty of options for securing ATVs with the strap of your choice (we always recommend ratchet straps).

    Position the ATVs

    Once you’ve installed the carrier and rack system in your pickup truck bed, position your ATVs so that they are in line with the loading ramps. Ideally, get them in a position with the ramps so that they’re lined up with the center of each ATVs’ tires. Improper alignment creates a risk that the ramps may tip, or you may send the ATV off the side.

    Loading up ATV onto Black Widow HAUL-ALL-R ATV Carrier installed in truck bed
    Loading up ATV onto Black Widow HAUL-ALL-R ATV Carrier installed in truck bed

    Load the ATVs

    Because of the larger loading height required with this system, driving up is the best option. We recommend having a spotter on hand, since it gives you a second set of eyes to ensure proper wheel alignment for loading. If you’ve taken the time to set up everything properly and position your ATVs appropriately, you can drive them right up the ramps without any jerky stop-start motions.

    The most important safety tip: Protect your brain! Always wear a helmet.

    As you start moving, apply the throttle firmly but smoothly, feeding the engine just enough gas for momentum. Make sure you don’t pull off the throttle as you’re driving up the ramps—you could slip backwards. Creep the ATV slowly until all four wheels rest safely on the carrier rack. Once the ATV is in place, put it in park or apply the parking brake.

    Securing ATVs to Black Widow HAUL-ALL-R
    Secure ATVs to the carrier with tie-down straps

    Secure the ATVs

    After you’ve loaded the first ATV on the rack system, secure it in place before loading the second quad. You’ll need a high-quality set of ratchet straps to ensure the quad doesn’t move during transport. Strap both the front and rear of the ATV, checking that there’s enough tension to keep the vehicle from bouncing around while you’re traveling. It often helps to have your spotter sit on the front and back of the vehicle as you secure the straps.

    Before you finish up, grab the handlebars of your ATVs and do some pushing and pulling to make sure the vehicle isn’t wiggling. If you notice any movement, increase the tension or add another strap for more stability.

    Transporting two ATVs in the bed of your pickup truck is easy with Black Widow Pro’s ATV Carrier and Rack System. With sturdy construction and simple installation, our system comes with everything you need to transport your quads safely and with maximum efficiency. If you have any questions about proper ATV transport, our experts are standing by to help.

    Have any tips or tricks of your own when it comes to transporting ATVs? Let us know in the comments!

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