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Warranty Policy

We stand by our Products! All Black Widow purchases are backed by a 1 year warranty and are guaranteed to be free of defects at time of purchase. Please follow the instructions below to receive a Return Authorization Number and prepaid return shipping label.

  • Our warranties are non-transferrable, and if the product is misused, neglected, altered, tampered with or damaged then the warranty becomes void.
  • We reserve the right to substitute, discontinue, alter or modify any product or part at any time without notification. If the product is discontinued or modified prior to the warranty claim, Black Widow will substitute the defective product or part.
  • Black Widow shall not be held liable for any damages that arise from the use of our products, including and not limited to property damage, loss of value of the product or loss of use of the product.


The following Black Widow products are backed by an extended 5 year warranty:


BW-40-AMR Full Width Motorcycle Ramp

(includes BW-9440-HD and BW-10840-HD)

BW-440-AMR Full Width Motorcycle Ramp

(includes BW-12040-HD and BW-14440-HD)

MF-12038 Full Width Motorcycle Ramp