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Professional Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly

Professional Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly

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For every smooth ride in open air, there are unseen struggles of positioning your motorcycle for storage or maintenance. Eliminate the inconvenience and save space in your garage by using our professional ride-up motorcycle dolly to efficiently move your bike exactly where you need it.


Convenient drive-on/drive-off design saves you time

The Pro Dolly sits just low enough that you can ride up and onto the track without needing any additional tools or equipment - it'll tilt as you ride up with locking casters to keep it in place. It’s a time-saver that you’ll appreciate on those days when you just want to move your bike without hassle.

Fully adjustable casters and kickstand tray for a customized feel

Install the casters and kickstand tray anywhere along the extruded aluminum sides, leaving about 10 inches at the rear of the dolly and matching the front casters to your bike's wheelbase for the perfect amount of support. Move the kickstand tray to line up perfectly with your ride.

Save those extra inches and free up your floor space

With this dolly, you’ll be able to load up your bike and move it easily where you want it. You won’t be limited in your set-up because moving it again will be no big deal. Bring it out for maintenance or leave it stored; Black Widow FlatStoppers fit perfectly in the track to keep tires from developing flat spots during long-term storage.

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1,500 lbs.
56 lbs.
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With a solid 1,500 lb weight capacity, this dolly can easily support bikes small and large. The hardest part will be you moving them once they're on the dolly!

The Pro Dolly is all lightweight aluminum instead of heavy, powder-coated steel. That means a sleeker look, and less effort when you move your bike. The kickstand is reinforced with two braces for extra sturdiness.

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