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A Motorcycle Dolly is Exactly What You Need to Safely Store Your Bike for the Season


Every motorcycle enthusiast knows the importance of a good dolly. At some point, we’ve all had to shuffle equipment around the garage to try to get our bikes to fit. And, come spring, it’s almost impossible to get it out without bumping and scraping everything that’s piled up around it.

Motorcycle dollies are the solution, making it easier to maneuver your bike around a crowded garage. If you’re a seasonal rider, a motorcycle dolly pays for itself. Here’s what you need to know about them and why your bike deserves to spend the offseason on one—instead of on cold concrete.

Motorcycle dollies: features and function

Your garage isn’t just for parking vehicles in. Chances are, you have a limited amount of space dedicated to storing and working on your bike. If you’ve got a big touring bike or a bagged-out cruiser, your garage is going to feel even more cramped. Trying to maneuver in and out of tight spaces is a pain—especially if you have to back in. A motorcycle dolly provides a convenient solution to the inconvenient lack of space in your garage—especially when it comes to storage.

The beauty of a motorcycle dolly is its mobility. It allows you to move your bike around on a solid surface, in any direction you wish—similar to the furniture dolly you used to help your buddy move last year. It also offers better control. You can easily maneuver your motorcycle into position without running the risk of bumping into things and damaging your bike.

These dollies are highly useful if you own more than one bike and need to rearrange where they’re parked. While you might use motorcycle stands right now, dollies offer a much more practical solution to storage. Rather than lifting your bike’s wheels off the ground, dollies keep your bikes firmly in place—yet mobile on-demand.

Types of motorcycle dollies

Motorcycle gloves are designed to give you a better grip during your ride, and also to protect you from road rash if your bike goes down. They have the added benefit of protecting you against flying bugs and rocks, and keeping you warm on your ride.

Leather gloves are most popular, but fabric gloves with leather palms and finger grips can also be sufficient, so long as the gloves have knuckle protection. We strongly recommend finding motorcycle gloves that extend past the wrist, in what is known as a “gauntlet style” of glove. Your wrists can otherwise be quite vulnerable if you get into an accident.

So, you’re interested in a dolly? Before you buy one, make sure you’re getting the right one. The type of dolly is best-suited to your bike and there are several different types on the market. Each has its own unique set of features and benefits:

  • Fixed dollies: Fixed motorcycle dollies are ideal for spaces you can get into or out of with relative ease. They don’t have many moving parts, which means they support a larger weight capacity suited for touring and cruiser bikes. Harley and Honda riders, these are for you!
  • Adjustable dollies: Adjustable dollies provide a bit more flexibility than fixed variants. You mount only the rear wheel and kickstand—meaning your bike is secure, yet easily maneuverable. The ability to adjust the position of the rear wheel is especially beneficial when you’re dealing with tight spaces.
  • mobile scissor lift
    Move your bike or perform routine maintenance with a mobile scissor lift
  • Scissor center: You can also find scissor lifts with wheels. These dollies have more moving parts, which means a lower weight capacity. Sports bikes and bobbers are best-suited to these dollies. That said, scissor dollies are useful for moving, storing and maintaining your bike, so long as they’re capable of holding the weight.

Great options from Black Widow Pro

Now that you know what type of dolly to buy, let’s take a look at some great options. Black Widow Pro has several models for riders looking to get the benefits of a motorcycle dolly.

Length is no object with the Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly
Length is no object with the Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly

The Professional Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly is far and away our most popular motorcycle dolly. This premium option supports bikes up to 1,500 lb.—whether you’ve got a cruiser or a chopper—and is a fan favorite because of its extruded ride-on design. Lightweight aluminum is easy to maneuver around your garage or shop.

Suzuki on the Sport Bike Dolly
Suzuki on the Sport Bike Dolly

Our Sport Bike & Motorcycle Dolly has a large, 1,250 lb. weight capacity, allowing it to easily support bikes both small and large. It features a heavy-duty, powder-coated 12-gauge steel frame for long-lasting durability, and a sliding kickstand plate that has a 31” positioning range on both the right and left side.

Big ol’ Harley on the Cruiser Dolly
Big ol’ Harley on the Cruiser Dolly

Our Cruiser and Chopper Dolly features the same durable construction and weight capacity, but measures a bit longer and wider and thus weighs slightly more. It’s ideal for your larger cruisers and choppers that might not be an ideal fit for the slightly more compact Sport Bike & Motorcycle Dolly.

Keep tires round during long-term storage with motorcycle FlatStoppers
Keep tires round during long-term storage with motorcycle FlatStoppers

And of course, if you’re storing your bike for the offseason, FlatStoppers are ideal. Our high-density foam FlatStoppers come in sets of two, each capable of holding 750 lbs. for a total capacity of 1,500 lbs. when used in tandem. They prevent flat spots in motorcycle tires by maintaining the natural tire shape all season long.

Stop tearing apart your garage just to park your bike for the offseason. Clear out a space and make the most of it using a motorcycle dolly! When riding season rolls around again, you’ll be able to roll your bike out in seconds, to take advantage of that first beautiful spring day.

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