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Motorcycle Cover for Transport

Motorcycle Cover for Transport

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Inclement weather takes a back seat. From trailer to truck bed, your motorcycle will stay dry, clean and secure until you reach your destination.


Small enough to fit in a storage bag, large enough for most sport and touring motorcycles

When you’re on the go, the last thing you need to worry about is where to store your motorcycle cover, which is why we include a convenient storage bag. The cover unfolds to 10 feet long, and almost 4 feet wide, which accommodates most motorcycles all the way up to larger sport and touring bikes.

Quality material protects the finish from driveway to freeway

The thick polyester acts as a weatherproof barrier from wind, salt, dust, dirt and grime. Inside, a soft micro-fleece liner protects against scratches and rub marks. The cover fully covers the body and engine for absolute protection against debris while driving. The elastic hem naturally draws the cover in at the bottom to further tighten the cover to the bike.

Cover cinches tight with room for your tie-down straps

Each corner has Velcro slits so that your tie-downs can protrude without compromising the protection of the cover. Four quick-release 2” wide straps allow you to really streamline the cover to reduce flapping during transport.

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The soft micro-fleece liner keeps scratches at bay, and a reflective strip provides heightened visibility for other drivers. Slits in each corner with hook and loop closures open up to pass through tie-downs without compromise.

Heavy-duty polyester, and elastic hem and four quick-release 2" straps cocoon your ride for zero flapping and zero problems during transport.

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