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Professional Shop Kit Unboxing: What to Expect


Thinking about upgrading your garage so you can finally work on your bike without breaking your back? Let’s walk through the kit, how it ships, the unboxing process and cover some of the dos and don’ts.

The delivery

It’s roughly 600 lbs. in total and it’s delivered shrink-wrapped on a pallet. The delivery driver will drop it off on your property, and it’s up to you to handle it from there. They’ll deliver it with a pallet jack to move it where needed: your garage, side of your house, etc. Make sure you inspect it before the delivery guy leaves! Visible damage is a no-go.

Separate out the boxes. The heavy one on the bottom will be the ProLift table, and you'll most likely need a crowbar to pry open the box.

Color change of BW-PROLIFT-HD

Note: Our ProLift table used to have orange accents to complement Harley-Davidson colors, because so many of our customers were Harley riders. However, after a lot of valuable customer feedback we decided to make the switch in 2022 to red accents that match our brand logo colors. And we love the new look!

Individual boxes per product in Professional Shop Kit
Professional Shop Kit arrives with a total of 6 individual boxes

The tire bead breaker and shop seat are individually-packaged, and both require assembly. The stool is a pretty easy build - the hardest part will be putting on the casters.

The straps will arrive in their own box.

Like the tire bead breaker, the truing stand will also arrive ready to assembly, as will the Pro Dolly.

Note: We used to offer this kit with a steel dolly, so don’t be surprised if your aluminum dolly looks different. We think it’s a better design and it’s certainly more lightweight!

As with anything you receive by mail, you’ll have lots of packaging materials left over. Please recycle what can be recycled - we only have one Earth, people! Some places accept stryofoam so please check out your local recycling regulations.

What’s included?

Black Widow Pro Lift Table (keep in mind, the table accents are no longer orange)

ProLift Lift Table with 1,500 lb. capacity

Roll bikes up to 1,500 lbs. up the 20” loading ramp and into the built-in wheel clamp at the front of the 105.5” L x 24” W platform. Manufactured from durable, powder-coated steel, this table uses 90-110 psi min. of compressed air to lift bikes from 7” to 31.25” H. Set the height with a seven-position safety lock. An included center jack and rear panel drop-out increase your access.


Ride-up Aluminum Pro Dolly with Heavy-Duty Casters

Ride onto the 89” L x 9” W extruded aluminum dolly track without futzing with ramps or levers. Move bikes up to 1,500 lbs. using five 4” heavy-duty locking casters with sealed roller bearing. The fully-adjustable kickstand plate works on either side.


Leveraged Tire Bead Breaker

Break the bead on motorcycle tires, trailer tires and other small tires with the extra-long leveraged handle. Made from steel, it has a wide base for stability and an adjustable pivot angle for easier use.

SHOP BW-2065

Wheel Balancer and Truing Stand

Under the powder-coated steel stand, four leveling feet stabilize it on uneven worksurfaces. The centering pins and truing arm are fully adjustable, and the steel axle has double bearing cones for previse balancing. It has two adjustable support arm positions and fits motorcycle wheels up to 7” W and 35” Diameter. Four self-adhesive weights and included.


Rolling Shop Seat with Built-in Tool Tray

Rolling Shop Seat with Built-in Tool Tray

An absolute must-have item for any mechanic is a quality shop seat. Comfortable and kind to your back and knees, this mechanic's stool gives you the ability to work in lower areas with ease. It features five swiveling caster wheels that glide along the floor and a padded, height-adjustable swiveling seat. Below the seat and just above the wheels is a handy tool tray for your small parts and tools.


All-in-One Tie-Down Kits

All-in-One Tie-Down Kit

Keep bikes stable with two 2” W x 6’ L cam straps, two 2” W x 6’ L ratchet straps, and four 2” W x 1’ L soft loops.

  • Ratchet straps: 4,400-lb break strength/1,466-lb working load limit
  • Cam straps: 3,000-lb BS/1,000-lb WLL
  • Soft loops: 4,500-lb BS/1,500-lb WLL


Watch a happy customer perform a full unboxing!

We’ve improved our kit over time, so we no longer include the steel motorcycle dolly, the work light, or the battery tender. Instead, you’ll receive a high quality aluminum motorcycle dolly from our Black Widow Pro line.

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