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How to Transport Your Enduro Bike by Truck or Trailer


If you own or are thinking about buying an enduro bike, getting your motorcycle to a race, rally or your local pit can be a challenge. Since these bikes can weigh up to a hefty 200 pounds or more, and you may be traveling with more than one, you need to plan ahead and determine which method of transport works best for you.

You have several options when it comes to how you travel with your dirt bike. From pickup trucks to hitch carriers, there are several pros and cons to each form of transport. Here’s a quick overview of the different methods you can use to safely transport your enduro motorcycle.

Loading green dirt bike into truck
Green dirt bike loaded into pickup truck
Load your dirt bike and store the ramp directly in the truck bed (Black Widow 7' 10" Folding Arched Ramp shown)

In a pickup truck

If you own a pickup truck, you can haul your enduro bikes with ease and minimal expense. You’ll need to invest in a high-quality ramp to get your bikes from the ground into your truck bed. Remember that you should never ride your bikes up the ramp and directly into the back of your truck. Instead, push your bike up the ramp. You’ll either need an extra ramp to walk on, or a ramp that’s big enough to support both you and the bike. Once you have your bikes in place, secure it with tie-downs on the handlebars, and install brackets or wheel chocks.

Keep in mind that not all trucks have the capacity to transport enduro bikes. You’ll need a full-size or heavy-duty sized truck with a king cab and long bed to transport one or more enduro bikes. Don’t risk the safety of your bikes and other drivers on the road by leaving the tailgate down to get more room. Instead, invest in a different transport option like a hitch carrier.

Black Widow folding motorcycle trailer ramp
Simple and effective trailer loading (Black Widow Folding Motorcycle Trailer Ramp shown)

On a trailer

If you have more motocross gear, or you simply like the idea of towing your bike behind your vehicle, a trailer may be the right option for you. It’s best to invest in a dedicated motocross trailer, which should include anchor points that make it easy for you to secure your bike for transport. The most common types of trailers are a flatbed or utility trailer. They feature short railings around the sides and front, as well as a ramp door that folds up during transport.

Another option is an enclosed trailer, which is ideal if you want to protect your bike from theft and from the elements. An enclosed trailer also offers additional storage space for your gear. The downside to trailers is that they’re expensive, and they also drag down your fuel economy significantly.

There are also safety concerns to be aware of if you choose to transport your bike with a trailer. You’ll need to evenly distribute the weight so that the trailer stays stable while you’re driving. You also need to ensure the trailer is properly locked to the hitch, and that the hitch is securely attached to your vehicle.

Dirt bike on hitch carrier
Save your cabin and bed space with a hitch-mounted carrier (Black Widow Carrier with Smooth Ramp shown)

On a hitch-mounted carrier

Hitch-mounted carriers are the easiest and cheapest method of transporting an enduro bike. They can be attached to your car in a matter of minutes, and then all you have to do is load your bike and go. They come with a convenient loading ramp that makes getting your bike from the ground to the carrier a breeze, and it attaches to the carrier when not in use.

Once you have the motorcycle in place on the rack, secure it with tie-down straps. It’s best to use two ratchet straps attached to the handlebars, two straps attached to the rear frame of the bike and two wheel ties.

Folding hitch adapter
Save space by folding the carrier up when you don't need it (Black Widow Folding Hitch Adapter shown)

It’s also smart to invest in a folding hitch adapter for your hitch-mounted carrier. This handy piece of equipment saves you the time and energy of repeated removals and installations of your carrier, allowing you to fold up the carrier when you’re not using it.

Get all the gear you need to safely transport your enduro bike

Whether you’re traveling to the racetrack or to the dunes, transporting an enduro bike can be a challenge if you don’t have the right equipment. Black Widow Pro carries everything you need to safely, easily and affordably transport your enduro bike or any other motocross vehicle. From ramps to hitch-mounted carriers, you’ll find everything you need to get your bike from point A to point B.

Have any tips of your own about transporting enduro bikes?

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