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6’ 7” Tri-Fold Dual Runner ATV Ramps

6’ 7” Tri-Fold Dual Runner ATV Ramps

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Ford said, "You can have any color, as long as it’s black." and we are all about it. With graded traction and a compact tri-fold design for an unobtrusive storage footprint, these dual runners set up quickly so you can get your ATV loaded up and ready for the next adventure.


Folds in on itself to save space in truck beds, trailers or your garage

The tri-fold design reduces each 79” L ramp down to 28.25” to make it easier to fit the pair in your vehicle when you’re on the go, or in your storage space. With a smaller footprint, you’ll have more versatility, allowing you to go more places with your four-wheeler.

Extruded aluminum traction catches tires in motion

The graduated, angled traction lines have a different look than our punch plate or serrated rung ramps; they grip ATV and UTV tires while allowing moisture to be channeled away instead of passing through.

Safety straps and plate ends ensure stable, safe loading for trucks and trailers

Each ramp features a plate end to stabilize and soften the transition from ramp to truck or trailer. The welded bracket on the underside of each ramp makes it easy to secure the included safety straps and prevent kickouts.

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6' 7"
17.5 lbs.
1,500 lbs.
2' 4-1/4"
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A plate end at the bottom and a lip at the top make loading up a safer process, and the included safety straps keep kick-outs at bay.

Designed to be as compact as they are sturdy, each ramp folds into thirds for easier storage in your cab, bed, trailer or garage.

Please note that these ramps should not be used with motorcycles or lawn mowers.

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