7’ 10" Punch Plate Bi-Fold ATV Ramp

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Item# BFP-9450

This punch plate bi-fold ATV ramp delivers in rugged conditions. Safely load your ATV, lawnmower or other four-wheeler into your pickup bed, even with rain, snow or mud present. You’ll get the traction you need for a smooth drive-up without slippage, so you’re always in control.

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7' 10"
60.5 lbs.
1,500 lbs.

Our punch plate surface has raised serrated holes that deliver superior traction and support all tire sizes and tread styles. Rubber-coated finger-style attachment points prevent slippage or scratching for stable loading, every time. When your ATV is where you want it, fold the ramps in half for easy transport and storage.

1,500-pound weight capacity and all-aluminum construction guarantees it’ll never rust. Ramp includes two safety straps for securing it to your tailgate.

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