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Mac's ATV Wheel Net Pack with Flat Snap Hook - Blue

Mac's ATV Wheel Net Pack with Flat Snap Hook - Blue

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Secure your ATV without taxing your suspension. Mac's ATV Wheel Net Pack is the ideal way to transport your ATV. By eliminating the suspension preloading required by conventional tie down straps. With Mac's ATV Wheel Nets, you secure your ATV by the tires, allowing the ATV's suspension to remain active and the tie-downs to remain tight for the entire trip.


Mac's canvas storage bag keeps straps clean and dry

Bundle each tire net for storage in the included heavy-duty Macs canvas bag. The tough canvas body is ready to handle your tie-down hardware, with a heavy-duty, large-lug zipper that is easily grasped when holding gloves. An internal frame supports the bag when open, making the contents more accessible. The integral handles are made of black webbing that wraps around the bottom for better weight support and a hook-and-loop strap wraps around the handles to keep them together for easy transport.

Easy-release ratchet mechanism

Recent design changes to the ratchet handles make them better than ever! The free-wheeling strap mandrel eliminating any "stickiness" common when adjusting most other ratchets. The one-piece handle and addition of mandrel caps makes this handle 40% more rigid and keeps debris out of the moving parts.

The ATV wheel net supports H x W tire sizes:

  • 24" x 8", 8.5", 9", 9.5", 10", 10.5", 11"
  • 25" x 8", 8.5", 9", 9.5", 10", 10.5", 11"
  • 26" x 8", 8.5", 9", 9.5", 10", 10.5", 11"

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This pack includes four ATV wheel nets with ratchet mechanisms and flat snap hook ends, and one large storage bag. A snug-fitting wheel net is critical to ensuring your vehicle is well secured. Our ATV wheel nets are adjustable and specifically designed to fit 24" to 26" diameter tires. With conventional tie-down straps, you attach to the chassis and draw down to generate sufficient compression in the shocks to hold the vehicle in place. This constant load on the suspension, coupled with loads experienced during transit, can elevate the risk of blowing a shock seal. A change in compression could lead to slack, which can increase the load spikes, unduely stressing the strap material.

Mac's ATV Wheel Nets avoid these complications by locking the tires in place. By affixing the tires, the ATV's suspension is allowed to operate as designed, absorbing the shocks of the road. And isolated from the chassis movement, the wheel nets maintain their tension as well at the end of the road as when you started. ATV owners sometimes choose to swap out their OEM tires for larger aftermarket sizes, at a later date. Our Adjustable ATV Wheel Net includes an adjustable leg, so if you do change tire size you can use the same wheel nets. With a simple adjustment, this pack will fit a wide range of tires.