Folding Motorcycle Carrier

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Item# AMC-400-F

Designed for Class III or IV hitch receivers, you won’t find a simpler solution for hauling motocross and dirt bikes without a trailer. After you’re done blitzing the whoops and casing jumps at your local track, roll your bike onto this ramp and hit the road with confidence.

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400 lbs.
45.5 lbs.

Roll-on, roll-off ramp design promotes easy loading and unloading. The ramp stores flat on the carrier when not in use thanks to a folding hitch adapter. Compact size even accommodates most rear-mounted spare tires.

Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum, it’s a sturdy, durable, convenient way to haul around motocross and dirt bikes with wheels up to 5-1/2" W. Includes an anti-rattle device and spacer bar adapter to safely haul youth 50-80cc bikes.

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