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Best Motocross Track Facilities in the Midwest


With over 50 motocross and dirt bike tracks, trails, and racing locations in the Midwest alone, you are probably a lot closer than you think to a weekend of family-friendly fun. In our quest to uncover some of the best locations to ride, we took into account acreage, track type and length, features and amenities as well as Google reviews of each location.

Here are the top Midwest contenders we selected:

Muddy Waters MX
Port Byron, IL

Located in Port Byron, IL, Muddy Waters sits on roughly 20 acres and offers riders a 1-mile track as well as a pee-wee track for youngsters. It has permanent restrooms, and offers concessions.

Muddy Waters MX
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Kingsbury, IN

Sitting pretty on an ex-WWII munitions factory in Kingsbury, IN, Motoloand boasts a US Army-installed watering system to keep dust to a minimum, and families can enjoy a weekend of primitive camping or get right down to riding on the 3.5-mile natural sandy loam track. Motoland also has a smaller track for younger riders looking to test their mettle.

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Oak Ridge MX
Garwin, IA

Oak Ridge MX in Garwin, IA, sits on 40 acres and has a large track in addition to 2 smaller tracks for pit bike riding. Primitive camping is offered for those looking to make it a weekend.

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Bar2Bar MX
Maize, KS

The fully groomed and watered track of Bar2Bar MX in Maize, KS, is made up of sandy loam just waiting for riders. Bar2Bar MX sits on 50 beautiful acres.

Bar2Bar MX
Image courtesy of RiderPlanetUSA

Big Air Motocross
Fremont, MI

Big Air Motocross in Fremont, MI, is home to AMA District 14 sanctioned races on their watered and groomed 1.5 mile track. The natural hilly terrain provides loamy sand and clay for riding, peppered with natural and supercross-style jumps for the adventurous. A “Little Air” pee-wee track provides a safer environment for younger riders to practice.

Big Air Motocross
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Spring Creek MX Park
Millville, MN

Located on a whopping 200 acres, Spring Creek MX Park in Millville, MN, is less of a motocross track and more of an experience. In addition to rich soil tracks, amenities include a play area for children, concessions, infield track viewing so you don’t miss any action, and outdoor shows. You can camp primitively on location and enjoy swimming and fishing when you’re not on the track. For those who don’t like roughing it, spots with RV hook-ups are also available.

Enjoy this Animated Track Map courtesy of Kawasaski & Lucas Oil

Video Credit: American Motocross

Possum Hollow Motocross Park
Branson, MO

In Branson, MO, Possum Hollow Motocross Park sits on 35 acres and has a 1.25 mile track nestled in nature. Flushing bathrooms and a nearby creek blend natural beauty with modern comforts for those looking to stay overnight.

Big Air Motocross
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Abbott Motocross Park
Lincoln, NE

Sitting on the Lincoln Sports Complex in Lincoln, NE, the Abbott Motocross Park has an on-site clubhouse and several tracks that suit different tastes and skill levels. The 1.5 mile main trail includes doubles, tabletops, rhythm sections and rollers for those looking for a bit of spicy adventure. If a classic ride is more your speed, the vet track has beautiful rolling terrain, smooth, hard-packed corners and delicious straight-aways. Younger riders can enjoy smaller jumps, rollers and corners on the pee-wee track, and riders who want a more natural experience can take advantage of the lightly groomed trails that weave throughout the park.

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Briarcliff MX

In Nashport, OH, 100 acres of rural landscape has transformed into Briarcliff MX. The watered and groomed clay-based sandy soil tracks include their 1 mile Big Track, .75 mile C Track, as well as a pee-wee track and a 2.5 mile trail loop.

Video Credit: Youtuber Mxengineer1

Pine Ridge Raceway

Right in the home of our mother state, Pine Ridge Raceway in Athelstane, WI, sits on 117 beautifully wooded acres. In addition to the infield track viewing area, the facility also has a pro shop for your riding needs. The built-in watering system keeps dust to a minimum on the 1.1 mile regular track, the 4.5 mile scramble course, as well as the pee-wee track.

Video Credit: Dan Englund

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