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How to Load and Transport a Snowmobile in an Enclosed Trailer


Winter has arrived, and with it comes another season of fun and excitement on your snowmobile!

Throughout the season, you’re likely going to need to need a way to transport your snowmobile to trailheads and other locations. While you can haul snowmobiles in the back of a pickup trucks or on standard open-air trailers, you can also used enclosed trailers for your primary means of transporting them.

The benefits of using enclosed trailers include:

  • Protection from the elements: By using an enclosed trailer, you can more easily protect your snowmobile from the elements (snow, ice, wind) during transportation.
  • Greater privacy: You never know when a vehicle will become a target for would-be thieves. Keeping your snowmobile protected inside an enclosed trailer will result in people being less likely to attempt to steal it.
  • Storage: An enclosed trailer could also be used as a temporary or long-term storage area to afford you the protection you need while the vehicle is not being used.

While enclosed trailers will generally cost more money, these benefits may prove to be worth the added expense, depending on your needs and the distance you intend to transport your snowmobile. If you’re going to be driving longer distances or intend to leave your snowmobile unattended for any length of time, having an enclosed trailer can be greatly beneficial.

Loading the trailer

It’s always advisable to load in an area that is flat, open and generally free of obstacles or hazards. Make sure the trailer is completely empty before you begin loading, including being free of tarps and tie downs.

Keeping a clean level interior is important before loading your snowmobile
Keeping a clean level interior is important before loading your snowmobile

Once you get on the snowmobile, make sure your helmet and other safety gear are on to prevent potential injury should something go wrong. Give yourself enough distance so you have the momentum to get up your snowmobile ramp. Stay in a seated position; loading while standing or posting could result in you being ejected if you have to make a sudden stop or do not use steady momentum.

Most enclosed snowmobile trailers will have a door that doubles as a loading ramp; however if you want or need to use a specially-designed snowmobile loading ramp to give you that extra grip on the track while providing less friction on your skis, make sure the ramp is both securely positioned and firmly tied down with straps so there is no risk of it slipping during loading. Double and triple check that the ramp is secure, as ramp failure issues could result in some significant damage or injuries.

We strongly recommend only using ramps specifically designed for snowmobiles, as you could otherwise potentially damage the tracks or ramp surface if it's not an appropriate choice for your sled. Make sure you get a straight approach to the ramp so you do not have a ski slide off either side..

Secure your snowmobile with straps and/or tie downs
Secure your snowmobile with straps and/or tie downs

Once the snowmobile is in the trailer, apply the parking break, kill the gas and do any securing necessary with straps or tie downs to prevent it from moving around during transportation.

With the proper equipment and the necessary know-how, you can easily load up an enclosed trailer with a snowmobile and haul it to wherever you intend to take your next ride.

From one snowmobiler to another, get out here and enjoy the winter snowmobile season. Have an adventure!

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