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How to Use a Snowmobile Dolly


Snowmobiles aren't known for their easy movement off the trails, which is why having the right snowmobile dolly in your garage or shop is a godsend. Whether you just want to store your sled in a specific part of your garage, or if you want to perform routine maintenance, service or repairs, dollies make it incredibly easy to position your snowmobile precisely where you need it with a minimal amount of effort.

Although snowmobile dollies might look similar at first glance, there are a few different configurations that are better suited for some scenarios over others. Here’s a look at your primary options and how to use them.

Sets of three small dollies

First, you can find sets of three dollies: two of which are used for the skis, and one of which goes underneath the track. Simply lift up on each of the areas and slide the dolly underneath in the correct position.

Black Ice Drivable Three-Piece Snowmobile Dollies
Black Ice Drivable Three-Piece Snowmobile Dollies

You need to properly align the dollies for the skis so the carbides go into the grooves for greater stability, and then put on the straps to make sure they stay put. Put on the ski dollies first before using the back dolly. The dolly for the track is flat, which makes it simple to use. You will likely need to jack up the back of the snowmobile to be able to get that dolly in.

With these three small dollies, you can easily maneuver your snowmobile around your shop or garage. They feature casters on the bottom that allow you to move the dolly either forward, backward or sideways, which is especially convenient in tight locations where you need that flexibility and maneuverability.

(Left)(Top) Up close image of the track dolly. (Right)(Bottom) Dollies attached to snowmobile ready for storage

Single-piece snowmobile dollies

You can also find single-piece snowmobile dollies designed for you to easily tip and hoist the dolly for maneuvering your snowmobile into or out of storage or to get it ready to load up for transportation to the trails.

Black Ice Snowmobile Dolly
Black Ice Snowmobile Dolly

To use this dolly we’ve linked above, simply move it into position from the rear of the snowmobile. A strap at the handle loops around the rear bumper rail and buckles in to provide maximum stability for greater safety while maneuvering the snowmobile. The dolly also features rubber pads to grip on the frame to prevent scratching.

The dolly’s powder-coated steel tube handles are long enough to provide plenty of leverage, and the pair of 15” pneumatic tires provide plenty of maneuverability.

The dolly is capable of carrying up to 700 pounds.

The snowmobile dolly will quickly become one of the most-used items in your garage; it’s highly useful for a wide range of circumstances and prevents a whole lot of back pain caused by other, more manual methods of moving snowmobiles.

Determine which type of snowmobile dolly is best for your needs and get one for your garage today.

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