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The 5 Top Snowmobile Day Trip Destinations


The colder weather is here and snow isn’t far behind, which means it’s just about time for you to gear up your snowmobile for another season of awesome, refreshing outdoor adventures. There are few things better in the winter than getting out into the wilderness on your snowmobile and blasting through the chilly air to take in all the sights and sounds of the countryside around you!

While you may very well have some favorite locations to get out on the snowmobile in your area, you should consider some backcountry spots around the country that will give you a huge rush and an up-close look at some fantastic scenery.

Here are just a few of the top snowmobile day trip destinations for you to check out this season!

Yellowstone National Park Snowmobiling

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

There are a few fantastic spots for you to explore on snowmobile in Yellowstone National Park. Even if you’ve visited Yellowstone before in the summer, it’s a whole different experience in the winter, and one you should not miss.

People on single-day snowmobiling trips into Yellowstone will use special snowmobiles that are designed to be quieter and have a lower environmental impact to avoid disturbing the wildlife and the park’s ecosystem. Though you’re only allowed to drive snowmobiles on roads, that doesn’t at all limit the amazing sights you’ll get to see, from the canyons to the hot springs and so much more. You can even zip out to Old Faithful and watch it give off a wintertime eruption.

There are a couple different sources for snowmobile trips in Yellowstone, including Jackson Hole Snowmobile Tours from the South Entrance and Two Top Snowmobiles from the West Entrance. Either one will give you an amazing and memorable trip.

Katahdin Region in Maine Snowmobiling

The Katahdin Region, Maine

Maine’s Katahdin Region is a snowmobiler’s delight. With more than 400 miles of trails specifically for snowmobilers that are expertly maintained by surrounding snowmobile club volunteers, this is a great spot for you to explore some of the best wilderness sights Maine has to offer while also jumping into an area that has a very avid and enthusiastic snowmobiling culture.

Yellowstone National Park Snowmobiling

The Upper Peninsula, Michigan

There are a variety of different spots you’ll find in Michigan that are ideal for snowmobiling—some estimates state there are around 6,500 miles of snowmobile-specific trails in the state.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get off the beaten path and explore some more remote areas, the Upper Peninsula will definitely scratch that itch. The U.P. has more than 3,000 miles of trails for you to explore, running in and out of state forests and public lands that are just perfectly pristine.

Be sure to check out the Michigan tourism board website for information about some great routes to take and the current trail conditions.

Katahdin Region in Maine Snowmobiling

Dixie National Forest, Utah

Depending on which part of Utah you wish to visit, you’ll find several different options for your next snowmobiling adventure in the West.

Dixie National Forest in southern Utah has some extremely attractive red cliffs that are really striking in the winter when the landscape is covered in snow. Some of its more popular routes can get a bit congested at busy times, but you’ll soon see why—there are some incredible views of the surrounding area.

There are also some opportunities for you to get off some of the more popular trails and get into the backcountry, if you’re more experienced and want to do a bit of exploration. When you get away from the main trails and find solitude out in the backcountry, you’ll really feel like you’re in the wild.

St. Germain in Wisconsin Snowmobiling

St. Germain, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Northwoods are a popular vacation destination throughout the entire year, thanks to the beautiful woods and lakes in the region. St. Germain is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in northern Wisconsin, and during the winter it makes for a great hub for ice fishers, cross country skiers and snowmobiling enthusiasts.

The Bo-Boen Snowmobile Trails in the area are the most popular attraction for fans of the sport. It’s a pretty significant network of trails that runs through the wooded areas and up and down the hills along the many lakes surrounding the town.

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