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PWC & Jet Ski

Tips and Tricks for Commercial Jet Ski Display and Storage


Because of the lack of wheels, jet skis present a unique problem for dealers looking to display, reposition and move their stock.

Single jet ski trailers are big, bulky, and inconvenient for smaller dealerships. Flat dollies don’t accommodate the unique shape of the jet ski hull.

The solution? A jet ski stand with heavy-duty casters to move and reposition floor models with ease. If you want to get really fancy, some companies offer a tree display stand that holds three jet skis simultaneously, however that amount of weight will be difficult to move around easily. Our top pick, is of course, the Black Widow PWC Dolly. Engineered for moving jet skis, inflatables or jon boats, it has a streamlined, professional look that won’t detract from showcasing the latest model.

Black Widow PWC Dolly
Black Widow PWC Dolly
Our Black Widow PWC Dolly

A few quick features that make this dolly a top contender for powersports or watersport dealerships:

  • Adjustable dual bunks with marine carpet accommodate multiple sizes and models
  • Four smooth-rolling caster (two locking)
  • Only weighs 46 lbs.
Cedar Creak Motorsports uses the PWC-Dolly Cedar Creak Motorsports detailed view of the PWC-Dolly
Local powersports dealer Cedar Creek Motorsports uses the Black Widow PWC Dolly to easily move their inventory around their showroom

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