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Jet Ski Docking and Storage Options


Proper storage of your jet ski is important for keeping it in good condition for seasonal usage for years to come. And when you’re going to be off the jet ski for more than just a couple hours at a time, it’s important you get it out of the water.

By all means, you can keep your jet ski in the water if you know you’re just going to be hopping right back on it again soon. But outside of those situations, it’s best for the vehicle’s hull if you lift it out.

Obviously it’s more convenient to keep your jet ski floating in the water, but doing so could result in some of the following issues:

  • Scum: Fresh water features a lot of scum and gunk that could build up on the jet ski, which can damage important parts of the vehicle and result in corrosion. The absolute maximum amount of time you should leave a jet ski in fresh water is a few days.
  • Salt and minerals: If you’re using a jet ski in salt water, there’s an even greater potential for corrosion and rust. Definitely don’t let your jet ski sit in salt water for more than a day or so.
  • Storms: If the weather gets rough, it could cause waves that crash your jet ski into the dock, or cause the lines holding it in place to break, which could result in your jet ski being slammed into shore or being taken out to other sections of the water.
  • Theft: There’s always a possibility for theft if you keep your jet ski in the water, especially for longer periods of time.

Storage options

So what are some safe storage options for jet skis that offer you greater security while protecting the condition of the vehicle?

Floating docks

Floating dock
Three jet skis resting on floating docks

Floating jet ski docks are a very simple, convenient means of entering and exiting the jet ski and storing it up and out of the water. They’re very easy to use—simply drive on the dock and then step off. You don’t even have to worry about cranking or winching the dock. These docks will also come with locking cables, and you can throw on a cover to protect it from the elements.

These docks are also designed to have excellent buoyancy and structural integrity. They will hold up to repeated usage and continue floating to keep your jet ski out of the water.

Shore docks

shore dock
A good example of a jet ski utilizing a shore dock

Shore docks for personal watercraft give you an easy way to launch and land your jet ski right from the water line or beach, rather than from a dock. Rather than trying to drag your jet ski over the rocks, sand and vegetation to get it up on to the shore, you can instead use a corrosion-resistant shore dock to get the jet ski out of the water and safely store it.

Black Widow Pro offers a shore dock option designed for simple and smooth operation with evenly spaced angled rollers and wide feet that dig into the shore to provide extra stability during usage. It’s capable of supporting 1200 pounds of personal watercraft. Simply maneuver the jet ski on to the end of the dock, then use the manual winch to crack it up and out of the water for storage.

The dock is easy to assemble and can also easily be pulled out of the water and transported to other locations.

What's your current docking and storage set-up? Tell us in the comment below!

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