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A Buyer's Guide to Boating Accessories


What’s better than becoming a new boat owner? Getting that boat all decked out with the accessories that will make your time on the water a blast.

No matter what kind of boat you have, there are certain types of accessories that will make the boating experience safer and more enjoyable. Here’s a quick look at some of the must-have items you should prioritize for your boat.

Floatation devices

Okay, so personal floatation devices aren’t the most “fun” accessory on the list, but it’s important you’re fully stocked in them to be safe out on the water and to abide by state and federal regulations. There should be a life jacket on board for every person on the boat, and throw cushions are also beneficial to have for potential rescue situations. You can find simple packs of life jackets on sites like Amazon, but the best life jacket is always going to be one you’ll actually wear, so if you have a preference for a type of life jacket, make sure to shop around and find one that’s comfortable for you.

Boating Accessories
A few accessories that could be a part of your Safety Kit

Other safety devices

Beyond floatation devices, there are a few other pieces of basic safety equipment you’ll need to have on board. Many boats come with fire extinguishers, but if yours did not you can find marine fire extinguishers designed for use on boats.

You should also have a first aid and safety kit stowed on board. You can find pre-stashed first aid kids on Amazon or at retailers, and your safety kit should also include flares, an air horn, a VHF radio, duct tape, zip ties, a flashlight, goggles, a basic tool kit, sunscreen, a boating knife and anything else you might need while out on the water.

Finally, it’s a good idea to have a couple paddles on hand in case your engine stops. You can find folding paddles that don’t take up much space and are more than sufficient for a sudden .


There are a variety of electronics that can enhance your boating experience. You might have a built-in GPS on your phone that will suit you if you stay close enough to land, but if you know you’re going places where it’s hard to get a signal, you may want to invest in a marine GPS.

You should have a 12-volt charger on your boat that can keep your phone charged up, or at least consider investing in a solar-powered charger or portable charger.

If you’re a fisher, there are all types of fish finding tools you can invest in that will make it easier for you to find fish and potential fish habitats.

Fun stuff

There are a whole lot of accessories you can add to your boat to have some fun out on the water. Some examples include:

  • Towable tubes: Tubing is a blast, whether you’re simply getting lazily dragged behind the boat or you’re enjoying some high-speed action. Make sure you also get a tow rope and an electric air pump to inflate the tubes with, and that you have the proper mounting hardware for towing!
  • Boat grill: Do you like spending long afternoons or evenings out on the water, enjoying food and drinks with friends and family? You can find grills designed for boating that will make your barbecues on the water a hit.
  • Boat cooler: You can’t hit the water without plenty of beverages, and so you’ll want a boat cooler to store it all. Keep plenty of water inside the cooler so you can avoid getting dehydrated.
  • Boat slide: You can find inflatable boat slides that are great for attaching to the side of pontoon boats. It’s great for kids, and easy to deflate and store when you’re done!

Consider the types of activities you enjoy while out on the water and that will give you a great starting point for determining the kinds of accessories that will benefit you the most!

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