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How to Stay Safe on the Road with the Proper Safety Gear and Loading Equipment


ATGATT is an acronym that stands for “all the gear, all the time,” a motorcycling philosophy that encourages bikers to gear up and ride safely for every trip they take on the road. This means wearing the proper protective gear from head to toe, including helmet, gloves, jacket, pants and shoes/boots.

If you’re in the market for some new safety gear, it’s important to carefully analyze products before purchasing them so you can make sure you’re getting gear that doesn’t just look and feel good, but will also give you reliable protection when you need it.

Let’s take a quick look at each of the primary components of each type of safety gear you should be wearing while out on your bike.

 Smart Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


You’ll find a wide range of helmet types geared toward motorcyclists on the market. This is the most important piece of protective equipment you can have—numerous studies show helmet usage significantly lowers your risk of death in an accident.

There are three main categories of helmet: ½ helmet, ¾ helmet and full helmet. The full helmet will offer you the best level of protection, as it completely covers your head and face. The visor can come in various types of tints and colors, and there is built-in ventilation to make sure you can breathe easily and hear everything around you.

The ¾ helmet does not cover the face, and has a flip-down visor. The ½ helmet only covers the top of your head and a little bit on the side and back. It is in your best interest to choose a full helmet if you wish to be as safe as possible on the road.

Viscoelastic knuckled Motorcycle Gloves


Motorcycle gloves are designed to give you a better grip during your ride, and also to protect you from road rash if your bike goes down. They have the added benefit of protecting you against flying bugs and rocks, and keeping you warm on your ride.

Leather gloves are most popular, but fabric gloves with leather palms and finger grips can also be sufficient, so long as the gloves have knuckle protection. We strongly recommend finding motorcycle gloves that extend past the wrist, in what is known as a “gauntlet style” of glove. Your wrists can otherwise be quite vulnerable if you get into an accident.

Milwaukee Leather Men's Classic Jacket


Leather is the material of choice for motorcycle jackets. Not just any kind of leather jacket will do, though; it’s important to note that there is a big difference between leather jackets made purely for style and leather jackets that are made for utility.

A good riding jacket will have slightly longer sleeves, which will stay down even when your arms are stretched to the handlebars. They should also be form fitting so they don’t flap all over the place while you’re cruising on the highway. This will help prevent you from tiring out as quickly while on the road, and also avoid the material from riding up on your body if you crash the bike.

Riding jackets should also provide extra protection to the shoulders, elbows and other high-stress areas; you’ll usually find those spots have thicker materials.

Finally, some riding jackets will even have their own built-in airbag systems, which will significantly reduce the forces you would feel in the event of an accident.

Vertex GT Leather Motorcycle Pants


Motorcycle pants, much like jackets, should be made either from leather or a ballistic nylon. The focus should be on using the material in a way that is protective and durable, not just stylistic.

Long pants, like long sleeves, are important to use while out on the road, because they offer protection from road rash. Pants should be form-fitting so they do not get tangled on the chain or footpegs.

Harley-Davidson® Men's 9-Inch Motorcycle Boots


While your everyday pair of shoes might offer sufficient traction and comfort, it’s important to have footwear specifically for your riding to give you better foot and ankle protection.

Boots are an ideal choice, and you can find a wide range of boots designed with motorcyclists in mind. A good pair of motorcycle boots will still allow you to have a full range of motion with your ankle, while also giving you protection against the elements and against potential injury. Motorcycle boots will also always have non-slip soles so you can get better traction.

A single runner ramp makes transporting your motorcycle easy

#6Loading and unloading

Bikers should consider more than just the gear they’re wearing when it comes to motorcycle safety. Safe loading and unloading is also a crucial part of staying safe with your bike, so make sure you have the necessary equipment on hand to accomplish this. This equipment is easy to install and use so you can safely load, unload and transport your bike.

Black Widow Pro has a variety of ramps and carriers available in our selection; take a look at the options available and see which will best suit your needs.

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