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Black Widow Extra-Wide Pneumatic Lift Table: YOUMOTORCYCLE Review


For the always-tinkering motorcycle mechanic and garage hobbyist, the right lift table makes all the difference. The Black Widow Extra-Wide Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Table is one of our most popular models, and last fall Adrien from YOUMOTORCYCLE took it through the paces and did a complete review.

Black Widow Extra-Wide Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Table infographic

Here’s what he loved, liked and disliked about the lift table, and why we think this table is a great choice for anyone working on their bike:



“It always works, and the fact it’s so easy to use just makes me want to use it even more, which means taking better care of my motorcycles, as well as having more customers come through."

Our response:

This table was engineered for strength and versatility! We wanted to design a lift table that was reliable, safe, and simple to use, with the weight capacity to accommodate larger motorcycles.

Side extensions

“If you’re on the fence about getting the side extensions or not, here’s my advice: If you have anything bigger than a 600cc, get the side extensions, they just make life easy.”
Black Widow Side Extensions

Our response:

A huge advantage to the side extensions is that it makes this lift table compatible with ATVs and ride-on lawn mowers in addition to bikes.

Paint job

“I’ve spilled all kinds of other grease, mud, grime, oil, gas, kerosene, and other fluids on this table lift, and after a couple sprays of Goo-Gone and a wipe down she always looks perfect again.”

Our response:

We’re glad to hear that the finish is holding up! The diamond tread can be harder to clean because of the raised design, but it provides better grip to tires while loading and unloading motorcycles on the lift table.

Height adjustments

“There are 5 different height positions ranging from 8” (no lift) to 33” (max) off of the ground, so no matter what part of the motorcycle I’m working on, I can find a height that’s comfortable for me.”

Our response:

Like other lift tables, a manual safety latch bar locks the height so that there’s always a secondary system keeping the table raised in position until it’s time to lower your bike.


Pneumatic operation

“Personally, it’s been two years and zero issues with this lift. Although I’ve been using it so much my air compressor is now starting to give me issues, but the table itself is fine, and I’m much happier with it than I was with the foot-pump table that I used to have.”
Pneumatic operation

Our response:

This lift table uses a 90-100 PSI air compressor (not included) to function, and unlike hydraulic lift tables you won’t have to clean up any accidental oil leaks.

Built-in wheel vise

“Personally, I find the wheel vise very solid and fairly easy to use, I also do a couple things to make it easier for myself, like having a piece of wood under the bike’s kick-stand to help strapping a bike in. Some more professional, higher end wheel vises will have more pistons going to the vise, in other words, instead of just applying pressure at one point, the vise will apply pressure at two or even three points. While that would be nice to have, I don’t know that it’s really a deal breaker. This wheel vise works pretty smoothly as it is. The rubber in the vice can get a bit chewed up from bringing bikes in and out roughly, but it’s holding up just fine overall.”

Our recommendation:

Putting a shop towel or clean rags between the rubber and the wheel will help protect both the wheel clamp and the tire. We also recommend loosening the vise enough to bring the wheel out without rubbing, although we know that won’t always happen!


Tie-down anchor placement

“I like that Black Widow gives you anchors built right into the table, but they also hold the side extensions in place. That problem arises on the rare occasion you have a project where you want to be really close to your bike, or if you just have little T-Rex arms. You have to unscrew the anchor and lock nut that holds the side extensions in place.”

Our solution:

Use the table without side extensions if you’re working on a smaller bike, or create new anchor holes at your own discretion (please note that this may void warranty).


“Full disclosure, the length is my least favorite thing about this whole table lift, even though it’s only really been a problem once. The table will fit big Harley-Davidson Touring bikes, or even long and low motorcycles like my 2006 Harley-Davidson Night Rod, but only just barely. The table lift isn’t long enough to fit custom choppers or “factory customs” like the Honda Fury. Well, guess who has a customer with a Honda Fury? Me.”

Our solution:

Black Widow’s 14” front extension piece brings the total length to 92.75”, which will fit a Honda Fury.

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