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Best Motorcycle Route Apps to Suit Your Riding Style


Are you a performance junkie or a leisurely cruiser? Do you like to stay in touch with your motorcyclist friends as you ride on the weekends or do you prefer to plan multi-day trips down to the penny? There are no shortage of motorcycle riding apps and the great news is that most are free or cost very little for the large amount of features they pack. Here are our top picks:

Best Overall


eat sleep ride app

Good for: Planning or discovering new routes, tracking stats

Key Features:

  • Discover new routes created by other riders
  • Create private groups
  • Track rides, speed, lean angle

 Cost: Free with optional in-app purchase of Crashlight emergency services (notifies your contacts if an accident is detected)


Best for Social

Best Biking Road

Best Biking Road app

Good for: Sharing reviews and routes, interacting with other riders

Key Features:

  • Huge community with quality routes and reviews
  • Route creation with ability to pin stops
  • Export routes to your phone

 Cost: $3.99



Rever app

Good for: Social, route planning

Key Features:

  • High quality maps (Butler Motorcycle Maps) with scouted pre-set routes
  • Route creation and tracking
  • Let’s you stay up-to-date with friends
  • Terrain viewing

 Cost: Free with optional in-app subscription for offline mapping



Riser app

Good for: Social

Key Features:

  • Community-oriented
  • Recommends remote places to check out
  • Document your trip and share your experiences
  • Tag locations with interesting sights
  • Take away stress of planning

 Cost: Free with optional in-app purchase


Best for Performance

Diablo Super Biker

diablo Super Biker app

Good for: Tracking stats and conditions

Key Features:

  • Tracks lean angle, center mass, tire width, max acceleration, gravitational acceleration
  • Tracks altitude
  • Tracks surface type
  • Tracks weather conditions such as temperature and atmospheric pressure

 Cost: Free


Best for Route Planning


TourStart app

Good for: Long trips with many points of interest

Key Features:

  • Navigation
  • Create route
  • Select from pre-created routes
  • Locate on-route accommodation (BikerBeds)

 Cost: Free to use online, GPS export and app are $19/year



Waze app

Good for: Simple route planning

Key Features:

  • Navigation
  • Speed trap alerts
  • Accident alerts
  • Rush hour alerts
  • Locate cheapest gas stations

 Cost: Free



Calimoto app

Good for: Creating a route full of twists and turns

Key Features:

  • Navigation
  • Winding Roads Algorithm
  • Trip planner
  • Available in many languages
  • Ride statistics
  • Ride sharing

 Cost: Free with optional in-app features for offline world maps and additional tracking



Scenic app

Good for: Planning detailed or long routes

Key Features:

  • Navigation
  • Create or import routes
  • Navigate up to 200 via points
  • Offline navigation
  • Tracks rides
  • Save past routes with images

 Cost: Free, with optional in-app purchase


Honorable Mentions

In addition to a solid bike route app, we felt the list wouldn’t be complete without addressing two other crucial aspects of route planning: safety for you and your bike, and weather.

Vigo Smart Track

Vigo Smart Track app

Good for: Accident and theft notification

Key Features:

  • Installs to your bike’s battery and links to your phone with app
  • Notifies you if someone moves your bike when you’re not around
  • If you crash, it notifies emergency contact with GPS location
  • If you have a low speed accident, you’ll get an app notification asking you if you’re ok. If you don’t respond, your emergency contact will be called.
  • If your bike gets knocked over, the system notifies you if it’s been a while.

 Cost: $49


Dark Sky

DarkSky app

Good for: Hyperlocal weather information

Key Features:

  • Detailed forecasts
  • Advanced local maps
  • Notifications

 Cost: $3.99


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