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Going EV – The Changing Face of Powersports


While electric motors have existed for decades, they’ve only recently been used in commercial vehicles available to the public. Now, automakers aren’t the only companies working toward an all-electric future—powersports companies are embracing a more sustainable, eco-friendly future by replacing gasoline-powered engines with cleaner, electric ones. Both the ATV and the snowmobile market have been affected by this major—and positive—change. Here’s how the powersports industry is going EV.

Electric ATVs, UTVs and Motorcycles

The off-road market is going EV at a rapid pace, with Globenewswire projecting the market could reach $2.23 billion in just over five years. What’s driving the change? Off-road EVs can conquer even the most challenging terrain—quietly, and without producing harmful emissions. Electric motors provide the right amount of torque that’s useful at lower speeds, allowing riders to explore hard-to-reach places without disturbing wildlife.

Electric ATVs/UTVs also have fewer fluids in them, and their drivetrain often contains only dozens of moving parts, while the average internal combustion engine-powered version could have thousands of them. In short, it’s cheaper and easier to maintain an electric ATV, and they’re more reliable, too.

There are several companies leading the charge to an all-electric future for ATVs and UTVs, including:

Polaris Electric Side by Side
Image credit: Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic Premium depicted on


Polaris is leading the charge toward an all-electric future. They’ve partnered with Zero Motorcycles to develop electric powertrains that deliver power and torque with incredible precision, so you can conquer the task at hand. Currently, they offer the impressive all-electric Ranger XP Kinetic. Not only can you haul more, push more and all-around get more done, but its quiet engine offers stealthy entry and exit to hunting sites.

Volcon Grunt
Image credit: Volcon Grunt in Del Rio Red depicted on


Texas-based company Volcon currently offers several all-electric ATVs. Their “Grunt” model is an all-electric adventure motorcycle. The “Runt” is a smaller version of the Grunt and is geared toward younger riders. The “Brat” is perfect for both on-road and off-road driving, while The Stag is the company’s high-performance, off-road UTV that can be configured in a variety of ways to carry people, cargo, gear and everything you need for a thrilling day in the wilderness.


Can-Am is about to enter the all-electric market with two new motorcycles that redefine what it means to ride. The Can-Am Pulse is designed as a balanced and nimble city rider, while the Can-Am Origin is set to offer both on-road and off-road capabilities, a tribute to the company’s motocross heritage.

Electric snowmobiles

The snowmobile industry is changing quickly, thanks to the adoption of the all-electric engine. While electric sleds are new to the snowmobile market, their performance and capabilities are improving by the day. Right now, there are a few different all-electric options that will soon be on the market, and things are evolving quickly. It’s clear that electric snowmobiles are the way of the future. Let’s look at some of the models that are generating with the snowmobiling community:


BRP, the parent company of Ski-Doo announced an investment of $300 million over the next several years, claiming that each of their product lines will have an electric vehicle by 2026. Their 2024 Grand Touring Electric Snowmobile will be a direct competitor to Taiga models.

The powersports industry is changing, but Black Widow Pro remains your one-stop-shop for all the gear you need for your next adventure

It’s an exciting time for the powersports industry. As more companies adopt new technologies and work toward an all-electric future, there’s a cleaner, more sustainable ATV and snowmobile market on the horizon. Whether you’re looking for the right gear for your next adventure or you just want to know about changes in the industry, Black Widow Pro is here to help. Reach out to our helpful team to learn more, or send us a comment below!

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