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Dirt Bike

How to Put a Dirt Bike On a Stand


When you’re just getting started with dirt biking as a hobby, one of the first purchases you’re going to want to make is a dirt bike stand. The stand will make it easier for you to perform work on the bike without having to frequently move it around, and it also helps you store the bike without keeping too much pressure on the tires, which could result in the formation of flat spots.

There are several methods you can use to get your dirt bike up and on to the stand. Rather than trying to hoist the bike up in the air all at once, consider using one of the following methods.

Black Widow Dirt Bike Stand in Use
250cc Yamaha dirt bike on Black Widow Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand

Perform a side panel lift

The side panel lift is the most common manual method of lifting a dirt bike on to a stand, and the one most dirt bike enthusiasts of all generations are likely to be familiar with.

With this lift, you lean the bike off to a side, then use your hip and arm muscles to bump up the bike on to the stand next to it. This is a simple process that only takes a few seconds to accomplish, and is reliable and safe. All you need is a sturdy and reliable bike stand and a bit of practice with the technique and you will not go wrong.

Perform a rear tire lift

Another option is to lift from the rear tire rather than the side panel. Here again you can use a sturdy and basic dirt bike stand. The lift itself is a bit more complicated, though, which makes it a bit less popular among the dirt bike crowd.

To perform this lift, grab a rear tire with your dominant hand and put your weaker hand on the bike’s rear fender. You can then lift the bike and slowly maneuver it over the top of the stand. Once it’s stationary on the stand, center the front of the bike and you should be good.

One of the main challenges with this lift is preventing the front wheel from wiggling out while you lift. It just takes a bit extra focus and precision to accomplish!

Black Widow Dirt Bike Lift Stand
Black Widow Aluminum Dirt Bike Lift Stand

Use a lift stand

If you want to get a little fancier with your equipment, you can use a lift stand rather than lifting the bike manually. Lift stands are easy to use—all you need to do is roll the bike into its position over the stand then use the lifting mechanism to raise the bike. No strength required here.

The lift stand costs more than other standard dirt bike stands that require some heavy lifting, but it’s worth it if you want to minimize the physical toil you have to perform.


Want to get on to a ramp with style? You can impress the folks around you by performing a nose or rear wheelie and set your bike down from the wheelie on to the stand. This one takes a lot of practice and is significantly less practical (and safe) than the other methods, but there’s no denying the cool factor associated with it.

Use a triangle stand

With a triangle stand you can avoid lifting your bike at all. It essentially acts as a kick stand for a dirt bike. It costs very little money and is extremely easy to use, as you won’t have to use any strength to hoist up the bike.

The drawback is that its uses are limited for maintenance purposes, as it will not lift the bike off the ground. But it’s still a stand worth having in your collection, as it’s highly portable and easy to use.

Determine what type of dirt bike stand is best for your needs and get started with some practice on setting the bike on the stand!

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