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Dirt Bike

How to Make a Dirt Bike Stand


Many of the riders that we work with routinely tell us the same thing—that they got their start on two wheels on a dirt bike, and that many of them still like to ride them every chance that they get. They represent a wonderful mix of nostalgia, adventure, power, and freedom, and we completely understand their sustained popularity.

As with any vehicle that’s required a substantial investment on your part, it’s worth figuring out the best ways to care for it to extend its lifespan as long as possible. One way that you can help ensure the longevity and preservation of your ride is to have appropriate storage for it. This of course includes shelter, but also having the right type of stand. A proper stand can help relieve the strain of a bike resting under its own weight while also helping to protect the tires. It’s also actually a relatively simple proposition to make your own, but with some caveats—read on for more insight into your stand options.

Let's Talk Supplies

Building your own dirt bike stand can be a rewarding proposition, and can actually move quite quickly, especially if you’re good with tools and with your hands. First, it’s important to have a handle on the necessary supplies. For this dirt bike stand project you’re going to need:

Eight 16 inch 2x4s -- Five 12 inch 2x4s -- 15 inch x 16 inch piece of plywood or Oriented Strand Board (OSB)  -- Nails or screws  -- Hammer, impact driver, or power drill
Supplies listed below
  • Eight 2x4s (each 16" long)
  • Five 2x4s (each 12" long)
  • 15" x 16" piece of plywood or Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
  • Nails or screws
  • Hammer, impact driver, or power drill

The Step by Step Process

Once you’ve assembled all your pieces you can then start to build your stand.

Step 1: Make two boxes

  • The first box: Attach two 12” pieces horizontally at the top and bottom of two parallel 16” pieces (make sure they’re connecting so that the skinny side of the board is facing up at you). Add one more 12” supporting piece in the center to provide a reinforcement to the entire structure when it’s placed under the weight of the dirt bike.
  • The second box: Attach two 12" pieces horizontally at the top and bottom of two parallel 16" pieces.

Step 2: Add verticals to one box

Attach four 16" pieces on the inside corners of the box without the center reinforcement so that it looks like an upside-down table with an apron and no top. Alternate how each vertical plank is situated so that two of them have the long edge running east to west while the other two “legs” have the long end running north to south. Make sure that the two sets of matching pieces are situated kitty corner from each other for maximum efficiency and stability.

Step 3: Attach the top box

Position the box with the reinforcing piece at the other end of the verticals and securely fasten it using screws or nails.

Step 4: Add your top board

Finally, add the piece of plywood or OSB on top of the box with the reinforcing piece, screw or nail it in, and you’re all set. Your dirt bike stand is ready to go.

Problems With a DIY Dirt Bike Stand

While making a DIY dirt bike stand may seem like a simple project, especially if you’re handy, there are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering going the DIY route. First, lumber can deteriorate, especially if your bike is going to be in areas with high moisture or access to rodents and other pests.

Second, it’s entirely possible for people to overestimate their craftsmanship skills—you might think you’ve built the sturdiest stand in the world, but do you really want to run the risk of a misplaced screw or nail costing you thousands in repair bills and untold frustration? It’s worth considering a professional option, if for no other reason than maintaining peace of mind.

Black Widow Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand with blue dirt bike
The Black Widow Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand weighs only 6.5 lbs but can hold up to 1,000 lbs. of bike.

Our team at Black Widow Pro offers several professional-grade models that can help protect your investment and give you the confidence in bike storage that you so badly need. These durable and lightweight pieces all ship for free right to your doorstep and are surprisingly affordable given their strength and long-lasting metal structures. Additionally, most can handle just about any bike that you can throw at them—they boast 300-pound weight capacities, which means they can easily handle most every bike currently on the market.

If you’re on the hunt for a way to store and protect your dirt bike, then building a stand might seem like an attractive option at first. However, it’s simpler (and sometimes cheaper, given the price of lumber these days) to buy one from our online store. Give us a call today to talk about the different capabilities of these stands with one of our customer service professionals and make the right choice today!

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