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The Most Essential Cold-Weather ATV Gear


Ready to hit the trails on your ATV this winter? Before you head out to get that rush of flying through the crisp, cold winter air, make sure you’re fully outfitted for winter riding (and working).

With the change of the seasons, there’s also a change in some of the gear you need to have, both on yourself and on your bike. By properly equipping yourself, you’ll be prepared for fun, safe rides all winter long.

Here are a few of the most essential pieces of cold-weather gear you should have for your ATV.

Cold-Weather ATV Gear
Some of the essential cold-weather items outlined below
  • Personal apparel: Before we discuss accessories for your ATV, it’s important to consider what you’re wearing for winter riding. Make sure you have cold-weather boots that are sufficiently insulated and water resistant to protect you from the elements. The types of coats, hats and gloves you use are really up to your personal preference, but ideally you should be able to stay warm without compromising your ability to move around. Finally, make sure you get face and head protection. It’s always a good idea to wear a helmet on your ATV in any conditions, but it’s especially important to have face and head protection in the winter so you can shield yourself against icy cold air.
  • Snow plow: Your ATV can become extremely useful in the winter if you outfit it with a plow. You can avoid pushing around a snowblower or shovel in some areas, and clear out a lot of snow in a short amount of time. Plus, using a snow plow on your ATV makes the chore a whole lot more enjoyable.
  • Hard carrying cases: If you need to transport items of any kind while riding on your ATV, it’s a good idea to have hard cases rather than bags. These cases will always maintain the same form and capabilities regardless of the temperature and will be effective at shielding your items inside from potential moisture from snow or sleet.
  • Heated grips: You might consider heated grips to be more of a luxury item, but once you’ve tried them during the winter you’ll never want to go back. These grips help keep your hands warm while riding, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable ride even when the weather outside is frightful. If you have cold hands, you’re more likely to get fatigued and also lose some dexterity, so heated grips can help you maintain control in addition to improving your comfort.
  • Heated seat: Another “luxury” item that makes the experience of riding in the winter so much better. Heated seats go a long way toward keeping your body warm when you’re out on your ATV during the winter months.
  • Track kits: ATV track kits replace the ATV’s tires with track systems that provide much better performance on rough terrain or in deep snow. However, because most ATVs aren’t built to run with tracks, it’s important to do your research before to make sure you can find a model that is compatible with your ATV. If you know you’re going to be doing a lot of ATV riding in the snow, however, and especially in backcountry areas, the investment can definitely be worth your while.
  • First aid supplies: It’s always important to have a first aid kit stowed on your ATV, and during the winter you should make sure to add items that can treat frostbite and keep you warm. Throw in some hand warmers and a thermal blanket that can easily fold up into a compact size and shape. Make sure you have a flashlight—you’ll need it for the darker mornings and evenings!
  • Cover or tarp: If you have to park your ATV outside, it’s important to have a cover that is completely waterproof. In a pinch you can use a tarp, but you’re better off purchasing an actual ATV cover that will more reliably fit over the vehicle.

Get everything you need now for a successful and enjoyable winter season with your ATV, and stay safe this winter!

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