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Get the Most out of Cabin Covers for Your ATV


Some ATV enthusiasts swear by the use of cabin covers, also occasionally referred to as “cab enclosures.” These add-on pieces of equipment are designed to fit over the top of the ATV to create an enclosed, weatherproof barrier against the elements, with clear plastic windows to give you full visibility of your surrounding in all four directions.

Basically, what this all means is that you can get the shelter you need from the elements while still getting plenty of use out of your ATV all year long!

ATVs usually do not come with cabin covers, but these covers are designed in such a way that makes them easy to install. They typically come with bars that attach on to the racks that are already on your vehicle.

Here’s a quick overview of what you should know about ATV cabin covers and why you should consider getting one.

Soft versus hard enclosures

You can find cabin covers in either soft or hard varieties.

Soft cabin covers are made out of heavy-duty nylon (or a similar weatherproof material) with a weatherproof coating. The windshields may have acrylic reinforcement to strengthen them and improve their ability to stand up to the elements. It also helps to protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays while you’re using it.

Hard shell cabin covers provide an even greater level of protection. The windows are usually made out of a safety glass that doesn’t wrinkle, making it easier to see through than the acrylic, which could bend or scratch. The enclosure could be made out of a metal or a polycarbonate. Hard covers can offer some greater security via the ability to lock the cab, and you can also add windshield wipers to improve visibility.

Either type of cabin cover will make for more comfortable usage for you and any passengers in all types of weather conditions.

The benefits of ATV cabin covers

Now that you know what ATV cabin covers are used for and the categories of cabin covers you can find on the market, what are the main reasons you should consider using one?

Here are the primary benefits:

  • Protection from the elements: Sometimes it’s great to hop on the ATV and feel the breeze rushing against your face while you dart along the countryside or work on your property. This is especially refreshing if the weather is not and dry. But if you have to get some work done in the rain or snow, it can be extremely uncomfortable to be so exposed to the elements. Cabin covers give you a barrier against the outside world so you can get your jobs done while staying protected.
  • Improved visibility: It can be difficult to see where you’re going if you’re having to squint through the snow or rain. With a cabin cover, you can maintain your visibility, especially if you use a hard cover that has a windshield wiper. And with improved visibility comes faster and more efficient travel.

  • Continued practice: If you’re a competition rider, you probably don’t want to take time off from practice when the weather gets bad. Cab enclosures can help you get out and get some important work in even if the conditions aren’t ideal.

Get your cabin cover from Black Widow Pro

Black Widow Pro ATV Cabin Cover

The Black Widow Pro ATV Cabin Cover is made with heavy-duty nylon on a steel tube frame to provide outstanding durability and support to ATV riders, even if you’re facing heavy winds and rains.

There are zip-up doors that roll up for entry and exit on either side, and the windshields are designed to offer high visibility at all times. The cover is 38" tall, providing plenty of headroom for riders to avoid feelings of claustrophobia while you’re out for your ride.

Consider your ATV usage and whether you frequently need to use yours during inclement weather. If so, an ATV cabin cover could be a worthwhile investment!

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