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10 ATV Records You Should Know About

Travis Pastrana

My strengths and weaknesses are the same: I've got the willingness and stupidity to try anything. If I think it's even remotely possible, I'll do it.

Travis Pastrana

Since the dawn of time, the taming of wild horses and the invention of the automobile, man has tried to push the limits of speed and creativity. Setting records and trying to break them is a documented trend that goes back as far as recorded history and ATV riders are no exception. Here are the 10 top ATV records you need to know about, and the crazy guys that set them.

Longest Ramp Jump

  • Who: Jon Guetter (USA)
  • Where: Melbourne, Vic, Australia, 2008
  • Details: Jon launched a Can-AM 450 a total of 176 ft. 11 in. Crusty Demons Night of World Records at Calder Park Raceway.
Longest Ramp Jump
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Longest Tandem Ramp Jump

  • Who: Travis Pastrana and Eric Roner (USA)
  • Where: Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 2008
  • Details: While filming “Nitro Circus”, the pair flew 52 ft. 6 in. at the Godfrey Trucking/Rocky Mountain Raceway.

Longest Journey

  • Who: Quad Squad Valerio de Simoni, Kristopher “Ted” Davant, James Kenyon (Australia)
  • Starting Point: Istanbul, Turkey, 10 Aug 2010
  • Final Destination: Sydney, Australia, 22 Oct 2011
  • Details: Together, they rode 34,945 accumulated miles in 437 days 19 hours 9 minutes. They passed through 37 countries and at certain points they had a 500+ motorcycle escort!

Fastest Speed Achieved

  • Who: Terry Wilmeth (USA)
  • Where: Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 2008
  • Details: Terry clocked in at 196.19 mph on an ALSR Rocket Raptor 6.0, augmented with a hybrid rocket thruster.

Longest Wheelie

  • Who: Abdulla Al Hattawi (UAE)
  • Where: Dubai, UAE, 2018
  • Details: Abdulla wheelied his way down 37.28 miles of Sheikh Zayed road, the UAE’s longest highway.
Longest Wheelie
Photo credit: Muhammed Shafi Chavakkad

Most People Wheelie

  • Who: Roger LeBlanc and 16 other people
  • Where: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada 2004
  • Details: Riding an unmodified, very crowded Honda 350 Fourtrax, Roger took the gang for a precarious spin that extended 165 ft. down Riverglade Speedway.

Longest Triple Wheelie

  • Who: Roger, Madelaine and Dominique LeBlanc
  • Where: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, 2011
  • Details: This unconventional daddy-daughter outing saw Roger riding 3,995 ft. down Riverglade Speedway with his twin daughters on the back, no doubt clinging on for dear life!

Longest Backwards Wheelie

  • Who: Roger LeBlanc (Canada)
  • Where: Miramichi Airport, New Brunswick, Canada, 2017
  • Details: Ever the daredevil, Roger scored another ATV record when he wheelied backwards for 5,182 ft. 7.8 in. at Miramichi Airport – no daughters in tow this time!

Fastest Time to do 10 Donuts

  • Who: Travis Pastrana (USA)
  • Where: Tooele, UT, USA, 2008
  • Details: Perhaps also attempting “Fastest Time to get a Headache”, Travis completed his 10 donuts in just 15.59 seconds at Miller Motorsports Park as part of MTV’s “Nitro Circus.”

Largest Parade of ATVs

  • Who: 1,870 Participants
  • Where: Richfield, UT, USA, 2009
  • Details: 1,947 ATVs showed up to participate in this record-breaking Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree, however only 1,870 ATVs actually completed it.
Largest Parade of ATVs
Utah 2009: Setting up for the Largest Parade of ATVs

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