7' 10" Black Ice Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramp w/Stud Protectors

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Item# SNO-9454-HDXW-S

Loading your sled is a one-man job made simple with this tri-fold snowmobile ramp. Made specially for snowmobiles, it features three sections—a center panel with exposed rungs for traction and two outer ski guides for low-resistance loading. Rev up and on in one smooth motion!

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Ramp + Stud Protectors
7' 10"
1,500 lbs.
60 lbs.

Not recommended for use with studded tracks. This voids warranty.

Affix this ramp directly to your truck bed using six rubber-coated attaching points and two included cam buckle straps. Included Caliber Ramp GRIPS add traction and prevent damage to rungs. The ramp supports 1,500 lb. and accommodates most sled types.

High-strength, lightweight aluminum is corrosion resistant, so your ramp never succumbs to winter weather. When you’re done using it, ramp folds down to 17-1/2" wide for compartmentalized storage.

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