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How to Transport a 3-Wheel Bike


Owning and riding a 3-wheel bike, like a Can-Am Spyder, can be a huge thrill every time that you break it out. These machines have never existed in so many forms, so all can enjoy this hobby like never before. There truly is something for everyone to hit the road and feel the freedom that these wonderful machines can grant you.

You’re not always just going to be riding it right out the end of your driveway at home, though. Sometimes you need to take a larger vehicle on a longer distance but want to have your 3-wheel bike in tow. In this instance it’s entirely possible to load it up and transport it, but there are a number of different tools and techniques that you should know before you attempt to make a trip like this.

Shipping Services

Let’s start off with the option that requires the lowest amount of labor, but likely costs the most – shipping your 3-wheel motorcycle over distances short and long by using a dedicated shipping service. There are a number of companies that offer this service, and most have outstanding reputations. They’ll come right to your doorstep, load up your bike safely and efficiently, and have it waiting for you at the doorstep of your destination.

Popular service providers include:

This route takes the least bit of elbow grease on your part, but you can expect to pay for the added convenience and professionalism. As an added bonus, most of these companies have websites that offer you some sort of instant quote so that you can at least have some idea of what you’ll be paying. This can also be a great choice for someone who is going to have their bike in a new location for a long time—a sabbatical, an extended vacation, or a permanent move could all make sense for you to outsource this task.

If you’re concerned about money, or just want to keep a closer eye on your 3-wheel bike, then some other options might be more suitable.

What to Know About Trailers

This option is the one that we see more clients pursue than any other. Virtually all trucks and most cars are capable of having a trailer mounted onto their hitch on the back and just under the bumper. If you’ve never mounted something like this to your vehicle, fear not, as it’s quite a simple project. You’ll need to first buy a hitch ball at any auto parts store, and they can usually help you mount it onto your vehicle.

Next, you’ll want to select a trailer that can work for your vehicle and your trike bike. Make sure that you check all manufacturer specifications and double check the measurements of your bike before making a rental or a purchase—you’d be surprised how many times we’ve heard of riders who got their trailer home only to discover that their bike didn’t fit! Most people opt for a utility trailer, which are typically available at any home supply store or farm supply warehouse. Your best bet is to a size around 6’x10’, which is pretty simple to find.

Loading onto Your Trailer

Now that you have your bike and your trailer, how do you go about getting it loaded up? Most folks opt for some sort of ramp—we do not recommend rigging up something like boards that you have laying around the garage. Trike bikes are much heavier than they look, and it’s very easy to have a dangerous mishap. Instead, we usually recommend that riders opt for a more purpose-built solution.

Black Widow 8' EZ Rizer Loading Ramp

We sell an 8’ foot wide EZ Rizer-brand ramp right here at Black Widow Pro that gives you everything that you’d want in a trike bike loading mechanism. These pieces are very popular not just for their strength, but also for their versatility and portability. You can rig it up to drive your bike onto a trailer or even right into the bed of your truck if it’s large enough. Once you’ve loaded it up and properly secured it using straps and other tools, you can fold the ramp right up into a small package and transport it in your car or truck cab so it’s ready to go whenever you arrive at your destination—all for a surprisingly low price.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your trike bike, and it’s worth taking the time to really think about your transportation options. Black Widow offers several types of equipment that can make this process a breeze, so get in touch with one of our representatives today if you’re looking for more information about your choices.

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