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Black Ice Deluxe Double Snowmobile Trailer Accessory Kit

Black Ice Deluxe Double Snowmobile Trailer Accessory Kit

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Load up two sleds side by side and take off to wherever there’s fresh powder. From safe loading to secure transport, this kit includes everything you need to haul your toys during prime snowmobiling season. Get your double-wide trailer ready and tow your sleds with confidence!

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Safely load your snowmobiles into your trailer with the ramp and extension and let the guides and mat protect your trailer floor and prevent scratch damage. Tie-down straps keep everything in place, regardless of terrain or road conditions.

This kit includes a ramp (5' x 54"), ramp extension (5' 1.5" L x 17.5" W), two sets of snowmobile ski guides (6' x 6-3/8"), two Caliber TraxMats (6' x 18"), and a set of four ratchet straps with S-hooks.

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