Black Ice Deluxe Snowmobile Jack with Winch

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Item# SNO-1508-W

Whether for basic maintenance or offseason storage, this snowmobile lift gets your sled off the ground by lifting it up to 28-1/4" high. You’ll have the freedom to get under there and do what it takes to get your sled ready for the next snowfall and the trails ahead.

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700 lbs.
72 lbs.

An included winch and pulley system makes hoisting and lowering your sled effortless—just turn the crank to the desired height, then flip a switch and crank in the opposite direction to lower it again. A foot-operated safety latch holds the lift in the upright position.

Durable steel tubing structure supports sleds up to 700 lbs. and features rubber coated lift points to protect your snowmobile. The lift itself weighs 72 lbs. and features a reinforced base with low center of gravity. When done, tip the whole thing up and wheel it away on convenient wheels.

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