Black Ice Snowmobile Dolly Set

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Item# SNO-1503

Don’t tote your sled around without this dolly set to help you. It’s the best way to protect your skis and your track, and moving your snowmobile has never been simpler or safer. This set of three snowmobile dollies—two ski dollies and a track dolly—are rated for sleds up to 1,500 lbs.

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1,500 lbs.
12 lbs.

Use these dollies with single and double carbide runner skis. Dollies strap in securely before using and make a perfect addition to any snowmobile loading system. Swivel casters coordinate your effort to make moving sleds easier, with more control.

Each dolly is made of durable, powder-coated steel and features four swivel casters for omnidirectional maneuverability.

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Instruction Manual Instruction Manual - Optional Assembly