20-Ton Air-Operated Shop Press

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Item# BD-PRESS-20A

A must-have tool for home mechanics or small repair shops, this 20-ton press bends, shapes and forms metal with ease. It’s also an ideal tool for loosening seized parts, replacing bearings and other maintenance. Powder-coated steel gives it powerful appeal you’ll be proud to show off.

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Assembly required (may require two people)

To use this press, connect it to a 110 to 120 psi air compressor. Manually position the work table at the ideal height for your project—there are nine different height adjustments, spaced 4-3/4" apart, locked with pins to set the height.

The ram slides along the top of the press to adjust horizontally and extends from 2-3/4" to 10" from its base. Includes two heel blocks, along with a pressure gauge and a manual hand pump.

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