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Motocross and dirt bikes require a lot of maintenance. All it takes is a few circuits around the track and your bike might look like you dredged it out of a lake! A quick hose-down might make it look like new again, but there’s still more you can and should do to maintain it. Whether it’s changing the oil, replacing the air filter, changing coolant or working on the mechanics of the bike, maintenance is critical for performance.

What to look for in a dirt bike lift table

To perform maintenance properly, you need the right equipment. It starts with a dirt bike lift table. A lift table with get your bike up to a workable height and give you access to all the critical areas that need service. As you look to invest in this critical piece of maintenance equipment, get familiar with some of the common features that make it worth your while to own one:

There are even more features to consider beyond these prominent ones—features like diamond-plated tables that improve bike traction and powder-coated construction to prevent abrasions. There are also plenty of measurement specs to consider, such as table length and width, maximum lift height, weight capacity, table extension pieces and more. All these different features add up to a lift table that’s versatile enough to accommodate your bike and anything you want to do to it.

Dirt Bike Lift Table Features Infographic
Dirt Bike Lift Table Features Infographic

Nothing beats a good lift table

We said it above and we’ll say it again: motocross and dirt bikes require a lot of maintenance! As you get more serious with your hobby and start to perform this maintenance yourself, a dirt bike lift table becomes essential. After you get one, you’ll wonder why you spent so long crawling around on the ground tinkering with your bike!