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Dirt Bike Lifts, Jacks & Stands

Lifts, Jacks & Stands for Dirt Bikes

Turn your garage into a workshop with a Black Widow dirt bike lift table! With standard and professional models, including compressed air, hydraulic and air-over-hydraulic, there’s an option for any hobbyist or professional mechanic. Our lift tables are designed to make maintenance convenient while keeping you and your bike safe. Save time and money on maintenance, keep your ride in top shape and have a versatile setup to work any time without assistance…. yes please!

Which Dirt Bike Lift Table is Right for Me?

Our steel lift tables are built with the same quality construction, with features designed for enthusiasts or professional merchanics and weight capacities that accommodate dirt bikes up to larger motorcycles:

  • Standard model BW-1000A: 1,000 lb. capacity, wheel clamp
  • Professional model BW-PROLIFT-HD: 1,500 lb. capacity, wheel clamp, center jack