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Dirt Bike & Motocross Products

Rev into your next adventure with dirt bike gear from Black Widow! From maintenance to transport, we got you covered. Our selection of shop equipment lets you service your bike in your own garage, saving time and money, and during the off-season, make sure it’s stored safely. When the trails are calling, load up your motocross bike into your truck or trailer or right onto a hitch-mounted carrier: our expert-selected dirt bike loading ramps and carriers will help you get where you need to go safely, quickly and easily. Keep your tires spinning and the dirt flying!

Motocross Track Soil Types

Depending where you ride, track composition can vary state by state and from one track to another. Here are the main soils to watch for:

  • Loamy: A perfect mix of sand, clay and silt that drains well
  • Clay: Compact, hard. Can eat away at tire rubber if not combined with other soil
  • Sandy: Slippery, makes good control difficult
  • Peaty: Soft by itself. Usually mixed with clay
  • Silty: Soft, wet and slippery. Used to even out harder dirt
  • Chalky: Basic backyard dirt, often used on amateur tracks or combined with other soil