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Consider These Popular Aftermarket Upgrades for Golf Carts


Whether you’ve got a gas or electric golf cart, you’ve probably thought of making a few upgrades to it. It’s easy to upgrade most carts and the benefits of an aftermarket modification here and there make it worthwhile for many owners.

There are more upgrade opportunities than you might think when it comes to golf carts. From performance upgrades, to safety features, to cosmetic improvements and beyond, there’s a little something for everyone in the way of aftermarket modifications. Whether you’re cruising around a multi-acre property or bringing your own cart to the course, consider these popular upgrades.

Clutch enhancements

If you’re familiar with aftermarket clutch upgrades in performance cars, the principle is much the same for a clutch upgrade in a golf cart. In gas-powered golf carts, a clutch upgrade is the number one enhancement you’ll want to make if power is your goal. For those who need a quick refresher, it goes a little something like this.

A performance clutch will offer increased clamping force over a stock clutch, which means improved transfer of torque to your crankshaft. For those who want a simpler explanation: better clutch equals more power! Performance clutches also increase mechanical function of your golf cart by providing a better surface material (like ceramic), which can absorb more heat and perform better at higher heat levels.

Air and fuel systems (gas carts)

Again, like a car, gas-powered golf carts have air intake and fuel injection systems that contribute to combustion. Without going into a full recap of physics class, the ratio of air to fuel determines how powerful and/or efficient your engine is. Upgrading air intake and fuel systems on your golf cart lets you tinker with that ratio to improve performance.

Don’t expect to rocket around in a golf cart that can do a swift 75mph, though. Your cart’s performance is still dictated by its engine’s parameters. Most golf cart owners upgrade air and fuel systems to get a little more ‘giddy-up’ out of their cart when they step on the gas.

Electrical systems (electric carts)

If you have an electric golf cart, you can still get that extra ‘giddy-up’ despite not having an air or fuel system. To achieve better performance in an electric cart, you’ll be tinkering with the electrical system. Bigger batter, better contacts, enhanced switches—these types of upgrades will all channel more power to the motor, giving you more power behind the pedal.

The trick with electrical enhancements is making sure your cart’s electrical system is broadly capable of handling the upgrades. Make sure you’re paying mind to factors like resistance when it comes to installing upgrades. Electrical upgrades don’t tend to be one-off part swaps—there are broader considerations to be had.

Brake enhancements

While most golf cart owners are primarily concerned with making their carts faster, you should also pay mind to slowing things down. Brake upgrades aren’t expensive and can give your cart the ability to stop on a dime. This is especially useful if you’re tearing around your property behind the wheel of a suped-up cart! This mod applies to both gas and electric cart styles.

Brake enhancements are fairly simple to understand: the better the brake material, the better the stopping power. The gold standard for golf cart brakes is ceramic material, which performs very well at high heat and is resilient against routine wear and tear. Swapping out organic material brake shoes with ceramic ones will instantly improve your stopping power and give your cart the ability it needs to slow down safely from higher top speeds.

Maintain your jet ski

When it comes to cosmetic modifications, the sky is the limit! Stick decals on your cart’s hood, slap a racking system on the back, throw high-traction wheels on it—whatever you think makes your cart look cooler or perform better. It’s easy to get carried away and in fact, there’s an entire culture of golf cart owners out there who religiously trick out their carts in grandiose ways. From golf carts that mimic jeeps to those modified to look like military vehicles, cosmetic golf cart upgrades give you control over your cart’s style.

Golf carts are a playground for aftermarket mods

There are no shortage of aftermarket upgrades available for golf carts. Whether your goal is better performance, improved longevity or just a badass-looking cart, you’ve got options! And, golf carts are easy to upgrade, giving you a DIY aspect that adds to the fun. Say goodbye to your stock cart and hello to something that’ll perform far beyond the manufacturer expectations!

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