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The 5 Best Places to Ride Snow Bikes This Season


Just because the snow is falling doesn’t mean you have to give up biking outdoors for the season! Grab a fat bike (also referred to as a snow bike) and hit the trails for some outdoor winter excitement. You can turn outdoor cycling into a year-round hobby, and there are few things better than getting on a bike and cutting through the crisp winter air while soaking in all the sights and sounds of nature in the wintertime.

Of course, finding the ideal place to take your snow bike can be a bit of a challenge. The conditions need to be right—you’re not going to be able to push your pedals through a couple feet of new fallen snow. The best conditions for snow biking are trails or roads that have packed snow, or soft snow that’s no deeper than a couple inches.

Maybe you’re lucky and have designated snow bike trails near you. But if not, you can usually find good riding conditions at snowmobile trails, snowshoeing/hiking trails, cross country skiing trails, ski resorts and frozen bodies of water, all of which are likely to have extended areas with compacted snow that is perfect for riding on.

Hoping to get away for a short vacation to get some snow biking in? We’ve got a few spots we can recommend that will have plenty of great snow biking trails in the neighboring area. Check them out!

5 Best PLaces to Ride Snow Bikes
Map of the 5 Best Places to Ride Snow Bikes

Marquette, Michigan

Located on Lake Superior in Michigan’s upper peninsula, Marquette is a favorite destination for both wintertime and summertime adventures.

Marquette frequently earns placement on lists of the nation’s best spots for snow biking, due to its 60-plus miles of trails that were created specifically for fat bikes. The three trails that get the most attention from snow bike enthusiasts are the Noquemanon SBR, Noquemanon NSBR and the Ramba SBT trails, all of which have some unique elements that create slightly different experiences for riders. There are also plenty of opportunities for guided snow biking excursions or snow bike rentals.

It’s also worth mentioning that the area is beautiful. Marquette has a lot of Lake Superior shoreline, not to mention some pristine woods.

Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson is one of the nation’s most famous destinations for ski trips, but it’s also an excellent spot for snow biking, so if you were planning on hitting the slops, you may as well bring your snow bike with you and make it a two-for-one snow-venture.

There are around 50 snow biking trails in the Jackson area, including roads that lead to hot springs, snowmobile trails to give you some incredible views of the Tetons, and some beautiful trails at Grand Targhee Resort to get you up high and give you a new perspective of the valley. Try it at night and see the lights in the valley below!

Madison, Wisconsin

The capital city of Wisconsin is one of the nation’s most enthusiastic biking cities, frequently ranking near the top of the list for people who commute primarily by bicycle. It should come as no surprise, then, that there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy snow biking excursions in the area.

Madison is surrounded by lakes, all of which freeze over enough in the winter for you to bike clear across them. It’s a favorite local activity for snow bikers to take a trip across Lakes Mendota, Monona or Wingra. There are also plenty of trails nearby that allow you to explore the hilly terrain surrounding the city. Snow bikes can even be used for commutes on snowy days.

Valdez, Alaska

Valdez isn’t one of the most popular tourist stops in Alaska, and it’s quite out of the way of major stops like Anchorage and Fairbanks. However, it does provide some awesome opportunities for snow bikers to take in some adventures without a whole lot of people around.

The Valdez Fatbike Bash is an annual event that features downhill fat bike racing. If you’re more interested in just exploring the wilderness, there are plenty of trails that will take you around glaciers, mountain passes and the Prince William Sound. You can even cycle parts of the Iditarod Trail!

East Burke, Vermont

If you’re closer to the northeastern United States, there are some beautiful locations throughout areas in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine that will give you some excellent snow biking experiences.

East Burke is a tiny town in northeastern Vermont that comes alive during the winter. There’s an annual fit tire biking festival that is great for experienced hobbyists and newbies alike. While you’re at the festival, check out the miles of well-groomed trails in the surrounding area that will take you through gorgeous Vermont landscape, including the Willoughby Gap.

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