Air/Hydraulic UTV Lift Table (Wide)

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Item# UTV-2500-64

Get ready to work on your ATV, UTV, golf cart or other four-wheeled vehicle without any obstructions. Whether it’s an oil change, brakes or a little hobbyist tinkering, this table will get your four-wheeler up to the right height for whatever project you’re working on.

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2,500 lbs.
801 lbs.

Drive onto this 94-1/2" L x 64" W UTV table lift via the removable 40" L loading ramp, then raise the table from 8” to 48-1/2". Foot pump operates at 60-150 psi hydraulic or 90 psi pneumatic and the table features an auto safety locking mechanism with 10 positions to hold it at the ideal height. Rear service panel drops out with sides removed for easy undercarriage access.

Durable, powder-coated steel construction has an exceptional 2,500 lbs. weight capacity. This UTV lift table also includes side extensions and wheel vise, for enhanced safety and stability.

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